Can’t get person detection to work on v3

I have 2 v2 cams that seem to work, but neither of my v3 cams detect anything but motion. Holding off on donating to Cam Plus Lite until I know this feature actually works.

Any suggestions?


There is an ongoing problem per the Wyze support web site:


Got it. Thanks for that

<updated on Feb 15 - I increased motion sensitivity and now get AI alerts (person, etc.)>
Any updates on this. My Cam V3 is still not showing person or parcel. Please provide a weekly update. Thanks.

cc @WyzeGwendolyn


I’m not a Wyze employee and can’t give you any update.

ok, thanks. I added a CC to Gwen

Mine is also not working. I have 2 v3 cams and they are both on cam plus, but only one has person detection working. The other just logs people as motion instead of a person. Submitted a log. Log ID: 468166


Yeah, this is really frustrating. And people say that I should expect this from a low-cost product. Well, the company is selling a feature set and it’s not working, repeatedly. So as a paying cusomer, my experience with the Wyze products and service is summed up in two words: unreliable and disposable.

Use them as a hobby without any expections and you might be happy, but to incorporate them into your lifestyle and, shudder, security functions and you’ll be opening yourself to disappointment.

My days of paying Wyze for unreliable services are over.

Hi again. I turned up the motion detection sensitivity and I am now getting person detection. I had it set about 35 and now at 62.

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it looks like I had turned down motion sensitivity on my V3. you might want to check on yours.

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I had to turn up my sensitivity also to 65 to get person detection on my V3. But now I get 30 - 40 bug events each night.

We have some V3 set at 50 and a few @4 it just depends on how far the objects are from the camera

The green squares light up but it won’t trigger a event until I set the sensitivity to 65 or higher. And this in turn triggers 30+ bug events recorded. It’s time they solve the bug events

Hi @dogwood1614 a re you providing them with feedback on all of the bug events?
As they have mentioned by submitting the false events, they use the input to tweak the AI code.
I suggest that you submit at least 10 or 15 of them. so they can compare and tweak the AI.

After reviewing any event there is an option to submit it with tags including (nothing) and insects

I have, about 1year ago, I did 5 or so for 2 weeks. Then canceled my Cam Plus because of bugs and not recording a person event. I recently bought the home security package and got free Cam Plus for 6 months. … It will record our headlights 150 ft away but will not record a person 35 ft away. In all fairness, we live on a steep hill and all the camera can see is the headlights going across the view area, the car is not visible from that angle. And the person crossing the view area is 100% visible. Nothing has changes in over 1 year. In fact, I will need 2 - 3 more cameras this spring to monitor our tree house rental. Not sure if Wyze can handle the job.

We have no issues we have cam + on over 88 cams,V3,V2, ptz,wireless out door we have our V2,V3 set from 5-45 depending on what we are trying to record we have notice that the cameras due much better when the objects moves from the side and not straight in

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It is not recording a event side to side. I worked with a Wyze tech over 1 hr and could not get it to record @ 45 ft. We changed out cameras with the same results. Daytime with sun. It is working with sensitivity in the 70’s. 30 - 40 false bug events nightly

Well good luck on your settings, we can get vehicles,people walking down our street and its about 48ft away a d its on the V3,V2,Wireless outdoor cameras

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What is your sensitivity?