V3 Person detection weird?

Yesterday I took down a V2 and replaced it with a V3. Its in almost exactly the same position with as close to the same detection settings and on CamPlus.

Since then its only detecting people about 10% of the time and only when they are dead center.

Its recording the events but not marking people.

It shouldnt make a difference, because person detection is server side, but its definitely different.

At first I thought it wasnt detecting at all so removed/readded camplus - when that didnt fix it I went outside and walked in front of it.

I also tried shifting the camera to see if that made a difference. (It doesn’t.)

Am I missing something?

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I also have this problem. What what I have seen person detection does not work on the v3. I don’t want motion I only want person detection. How was we fix this?

Currently the only way to get Person Detection on a v3 is with Cam Plus, the legacy (pay what you want) plan does not support it