V3 person detection inconsistent

I see a lot of posts on “Cam Plus Person detection” not working.

Mines works mostly within 6 ft of my font door.
Sometimes motion detection in the security zone too, stops at 5-6 ft.

I have Cam Plus.
My motion detection range is 30 ft plus.

My V2’s handled that range all to well over the yrs.

Inside my detection zone, May be one or two people per day. One being the mail carrier.

More times than not lately, anything crossing that area n moving away, from the V3’s. Does not get captured at a rate of 90% .

I want to restore that old kind of alert system, once again.
Whether or not it comes up as a person. That’s fine n good.

But, when I get neither, I am not comfortable with that.

I figure, when a car passes by with illegal wide n bright head lights and I get a V3 alert in the dark all night (99% of the time).

I would think humans or animal movement across the zone. Should consistently set off an alert, too !

Does anyone has a fix or recommendation(s) for this ?

Increasing sensitivity on it. Gets me the hedge (globe abbrevite) alerts, when a gentle breeze passes through.

As I said b4 the V2’s did both, people, animals, shrub n illegal headlights movement

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I turned up the sensitivity on my V3 last week after I missed part of an event. It will now detect Person at about 35 feet, I have AI events only turned on and sensitivity set at 90%

I’ve the same problem. V3 missing people walking on the side walk and cars. Sensitivity is 100, it was 80 work fine before the last update. I think since they added the little squares for the detection area they messed it up. Of course this is normal for Wyze to enhance one thing and screw something else up.

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I restored to the previous firmware Works much better like it used to. The custom detection zone is nice if it worked with the same sensitivity. I’ll need to restore my V2 cams also.


I will have to look up, on how to reset my V3’s. Back to the older software, too !

I need better detection, more than any other feature.

10-15 feet or less for people detection, isn’t cutting it.

Thx, for the post !

I had the same problem with the V3 cameras; much improved pictures, but CamPlus People detection did not work at all. CamPlus People detection did not work on my doorbell camera either. Vehicle detection, however, worked, but not want I needed.

I reverted back to my old reliable solution which is to use the Wyze Sense V1 motion sensor module with Sensor Bridge. The infrared technology seems much more reliable than the CamPlus AI technology. The Wyze Sense V1, however, has been replaced by Sensor V2 which I have not tested.

Interesting concept.

Will the sensor work through glass ?
How far is the sensors range ?

I only need to detect motion, up to 30 yrds or less.

I turned mine up and still misses up to 50% of the person detection events. No Bueno !

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All these upgrades and fine tuning ?

Now makes what was once point, go and no worries.
Now, into something, more comparable to a Nasa space mission, to fly around Mars.

Great for those who like to tinker.

I’ve been with wyze far to long, to want to tinker anymore.

Something is definitely wrong with v3 cam detection.

I have 4 cams all covering the same area in front of my home (facing different directions), but people walking by pass each one so it’s a great way to evaluate the quality of Person Detect.

My cams (because performance is different):

  • 3x - cams v3
  • 1x - outdoor v1

Person Detect AI used to work GREAT but something recently changed for the v3 cams. All 4 cams used to report when a person walked past them. This accuracy was close to 95% (all four agreeing they detected a person).

But in the past several weeks, something changed with the v3 cams.

Now the accuracy is closer to 10% where the outdoor v1 cam will detect a person and the NONE v3 cams detect the same motion as a person. Sometimes one of them will, but a VAST majority of the time, none of them detect the same person the outdoor cam flagged.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding the licenses, but that didn’t help.

I’ve used the report feature “Help us improve AI by sharing” but as far as I can tell, it’s just a black hole.

Maybe wyze monitors statistics on how many reports happen? And if that’s the case, then if we all start reporting every failure they might notice?

Terminology “Levels”:

  1. Motion detection: camera picks up movement. If this isn’t happening then Person Detect won’t run.
  2. Person Detection: motion clip from 1. is uploaded to wyze server and AI tries to detects various things. You should have a storage sd card in the cam and a fast enough internet connection to upload clips.
  3. Notification level: how does the app react to various things like motion vs detection

My details in case support cares at all:

  • All Cam Plus licenses.
  • Latest firmware:
    • Stationary v3 cams:
    • Outdoor v1
  • All have strong wifi.
  • All have working large, working SD cards
  • Home ISP is gigabit fiber with no data caps

Closing thought:
What’s the point in paying for a service that only works 10% of the time? What’s the point of owning a dumb webcam that can’t detect if a person is approaching your house vs the wind blowing a bush?


The Wyze AI has been a huge failure for them, because it just doesn’t work as advertised. The thing is consistently is right about is detecting parked vehicles. But who wants to know there is a parked vehicle? No one! I get so many recording of people walking large dogs in front of a parked car, and the AI doesn’t see the person or dog at all, just the parked car. It’s embarrassing that Wzye is expanding the AI detections when what they already have doesn’t work.

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Mines is a bit better, now.

An Old Wyzer once wrote, " What do expect from a $25 security cam !".

That was way b4, V3, Cam Plus, Cam Lite, Personal detection and on n on.

My detection is a mixed bag.
Depends on time of day, night or dark, morning or evening.

I get a lot of falsies, but yet, get some people detection too.

Great with the mail man n pkg delivery.

So, now it’s up to a 95% success on my end with people.
Now headlight tripping, is a different story.

The Bottom line for me is, it’s better than nothing.

Could be better AI., Could cost more, I just want some consistency.

For barebones security, I am not completely disatisfide.

That is, until the next catastrophic update ? :wink::wink:

Good Morning - l have 6 cams monitoring the activity around my yard, mostly for the wildlife we have in rural NH. I consistently submit videos to help in tweaking the AI. There are many times that animals and things (from raccoons to insects in spider webs) are tagged as “Person”. I just untag those and submit. Many times it thinks wildlife are pets (raccoon, possum, fox) and I do the same. May I suggest another category for animals or wildlife? Birds, bats and owls could be tagged as well?
Thank you for your service - Paul