Can’t get person detection to work on v3

There was an update released today that might fix the issue.

Nice try, but no change. Still excessive amount of bug events. I have continued to send you bug events for over 1 year. It is possible because my sensitivity is so high in order to pick up person detection at 40 ft away. The person detection at a lower sensitivity highlights the person in the green box but will not trigger a event. Please fix this issue.

Still no response to my sensitivity having to be so high to detect a person 35ft away. This has been going on for over 1 year, has anyone addressed this issue. With the sensitivity set this high, I now know how many bugs are on our property.

Wyze is adding all these new products but tech support has yet to address or respond to my issue for almost 2 years now. I have entered more that 3 support requests with no response and numerous customer service people have spent over a few hours trying to help - please advise!!!

I had a similar problem. Couldn’t access cam plus until I turned up the sensitivity. App needs to be tweaked. Previously whenever I tried selecting person detection, it would go to the subscription page even when all my cameras have a license.