Cam Pro Plus - unable to change Recording Type to "video"

Just set up Cam Plus Pro with Wyze cam v3.

When I go to the Wyze app - Monitoring - Cam Plus Pro Settings - Security Cameras - select my camera under ‘your cameras’ - Event Recording - Recording Type - the default setting is ‘image’. When I select this to change the type, I have two options:

When I select “Video”, it goes to a screen to subscribe to Cam Plus. This camera has Cam Plus Pro so that doesn’t seem right. I just checked again and if I select Image or Video, it loads a screen to sign up for Cam Plus.

If you have CP Pro then you shouldn’t need to choose because you’ll get full length motion captured videos automatically because you’ll have full CP licenses on some your cameras. If you are actually talking about CP Lite, then you’ll need to make sure that you are subscribed to CP Lite and have it added to your camera. Just wanted to confirm because you mentioned Pro multiple times.

My camera with Cam Plus Pro doesn’t appear to be doing that.

  • Go to the account tab (bottom right)
  • Click on Services
  • click on Cam Plus Pro
  • Make sure your Cam is selected there in the Cam Plus Pro section so that it is assigned onto the camera.

Confirmed that we have Cam Plus Pro.

I have the HMS so I created a new account for the Cam Plus Pro wyze v3 cam. Under Cam Plus Pro I have the ‘living room cam’ selected.

Thank you both for the responses.

I will put the cam in a place where the smart detection runs for person/package/etc to confirm if it captures Image vs Video.


It is Cam Plus Pro. Thank you for the clarification. I will confirm.

I am not on Pro but suddenly all of my cams have defaulted to event type “IMAGE”. I am unable to select “VIDEO”. Things were so simple before. what is this cam lite thing? on iOS app there is no option to enroll my cams to cam lite if this is what is needed to fix the issue. It asks to go to a URL. I went to Over there I click on “services” → add a subscription → and blank page. SO BADLY BROKEN everything… gosh…

Same here on my 3 cams, no video recording possible, only images on motion detection.
WYZE should/can we roll back the firmware?

@jitender.sharma199 @jmpaq
In order to still have cloud video events and not just thumbnails, you need a cam plus lite subscription. There is a free option.

If you already subscribe to cam plus, and you’re still unable to get videos, you’ll likely want to create a log and contact support.

Cam plus lite info:

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