Recording type removed along with Image support. Video only now?

I have several cameras on cam plus lite. I had some cameras set up for video and some for images (to cut down on data usage uploaded). I contacted chat because the new android app removed the “recording type” feature that let me toggle between video and images. I was just told by two people on chat support that images are no longer being supported. The chat guy said they made an update to cam plus lite and had me re-add my cameras to it. Has anybody else noticed this yet? I’m wondering if this is accurate and not a mistake?

Hmm I don’t see that either, kinda weird… @WyzeJimmy do you have any knowledge on this?

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Something has definitely been broken. I have a v2 camera, supposedly with a CamPlus Lite subscription, but yet when I go the camera settings>Event Recording>Smart Detection, I cannot select Person Detection. It’s grayed out. But yet, I received a still image notification this morning of a person moving on the camera. Man, I think Wyze made a huge strategic blunder here and does not have a solid plan to clean up this CamPlus Lite mess.

Just confirmed with Jimmy, the image recording option has been removed when you have CP, CPL, or CPP to reduce confusion.

If you don’t want video recording you can remove the cam from CPL

Did you assign the CPL to the cam? In account > services > Cam Plus Lite make sure to assign the cams.

Have you tried removing the CPL license? I was told by support when I couldn’t do it that the only way to remove a camera from CPL was to move it to CamPlus and then remove the camera from CamPlus. There is a bug in the interface.

Would I need a CamPlus license to do this?

Yes, this camera was one of three listed in the CP Lite service.

I do want the video snippet, and that is correct the option to record a video or image is gone. Which makes it more perplexing … how am I still getting images in my event dashboard view? See attached screenshot; event 2, 3, and 4 are images from this problem camera. Event 1 is from my other v2 camera, same firmware (, same CPL license, and it’s 12 seconds of video. Works great. This was captured hours ago. (Android phone)

Not sure any more. You can try to remove CamPlus Lite from the camera to see if it is now possible. They may have fixed the issue in the app. If it hasn’t been fixed, then you would need a CamPlus license to remove CamPlus Lite.

The only ways I know how to to remove CPL is as Wild Bill said about adding CP to the cam and then removing it but you need a CP license to do that. The second way is you have you have to sign into your account on the web site, go to service and delete all the cams on CPL then add them all back on CPL. I saw no way just to delete one cam from CPL. Circus :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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I don’t think it’s possible to delete any cams, but you can delete your CPL subscription. When I contacted support, I think they did this for me (that’s why I had to re-add all of my cams). I got an email about cancelled subscription and the “name your own price” amount had changed. However, I was told even if I removed them from CPL that I would still be getting video, not images. Before I try deleting my CPL subscription, can anyone tell me if they are still getting images and if I’ll be able to re-sign up even if I cancel (since support was the one who canceled me previously)?

@tacomaguy20 - The cams on CPL license will always record 12sec videos. We removed the option to record images despite CPL license to avoid confusion.

Cameras without CPL license will always record thumbnail images.


@jckay - could you let me know the following for the camera that is not recording 12sec videos despite being on CPL license:

  1. Under Account/Services/ Cam Plus Lite → Have you added your camera to CPL license?
  2. Which camera model is it?
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@WyzeNoopur Thanks for letting me know, that is different from what chat told me. So my other question is can I remove cams previously added to CPL? I want video on some of my cams and images on others, so it sounds like I need to remove a cam or two from cam plus lite. I don’t have Cam Plus so I can’t upgrade them and then remove them. If I delete my CPL subscription, can I subscribe again and only add the cams I want video on?

Yes, delete the CPL subscription and this time only add it to the cams you want. Annoying, but the only way possible now.


Thanks for reply @WyzeNoopur.

Yes, the camera is listed in the CPL list (circled in red). It’s a v2 camera, firmware

@jckay - could you please submit a log and send the log id here?

For the camera that despite being on CPL is recording only thumbnail images:

  1. Try to move something infront of that cam
  2. Once you see the thumbnail image
  3. Go under Account/Wyze Support/Submit a log
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Log ID is 598407. Thanks.