Cameras is only recording image events with Cam Plus Lite

I have Cam Plus Lite subscription with a bunch of V3 cameras. Most are recording 12-sec clips just fine, but one is only recording still images to the Events tab.

Here is a list of things I’ve tried that have had no effect.

  • Ensure camera is listed under Account → Services → Cam Plus Lite
  • Update camera firmware
  • Delete camera from app, restart app, add camera back to app, add camera back to cam plus lite
  • Clear app cache.
  • Delete and reinstall the app.
  • Power cycle the camera

The camera otherwise is working fine. I can view the live stream. The camera records locally to an SD card and I can view the playback.

I see solution which say to change the recording type in Settings > Event Recording > Recording Type > Video however my app has no such setting.

The camera that work properly also have no such setting, but the screen looks slightly different which makes me suspect Cam Plus Lite isn’t active on this camera for whatever reason.

Any ideas?

Perhaps related, I also have an OG Telephoto camera that is unable to be added to Cam Plus Lite–it doesn’t show up as an option. As a result, it only records images as well. Are new cameras no longer going to be supported? Is that the plan to slowly phase Cam Plus Lite out of existence?

This is what that screen looks like for a different V3 cam which is working (i.e. recording video clips to the Events tab). Both are listed under Cam Plus Lite.

the way i understand it you can have the V3 and add them but the new cams like oc can’t be added, Igot that OC and didn’t realize i wasn’t going to be able to add it to the lite, Are you using your OC without and getting videos?