Events longer than 12 seconds on lite

I have had some V2 cameras for a couple of years, run with an SD card and on cam plus lite. This allowed 12 second recordings and playback via SD card.
I have now just added some V3 cameras, running with SD card and also added them to cam plus lite.
The events for the new cameras is capturing more than 12 seconds (up to 43 seconds so far).
Is this right? I’m not on full cam plus etc. is this a new thing and running the extra seconds on SD card etc. I am so confused (not complaining just don’t know why)

Asked on discord too. Yes I am referring to the events in the event tab (not playback). No I am not on trial - it shows as lite when checking account via browsers and in app

There is a firmware version that caused that. I don’t remember details since I don’t have any camera on CPL.

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SD card recording is seperate and unaffected by ones cloud recording settings or services. On the V3, regardless if you have cam plus, cam plus lite, or no service, the V3 will record 1 minute segments if you have the events only recording to SD card or continuous recording if it’s set to continuous enabled.

I have continuous turned on but the recordings I am referring to are events - which on my older cameras are only 12 seconds. On the new ones that are over that - but I am connected to lite not plus

Do you know if there is anything I can do, or should do, to fix? I’ve updated everything I can find to fix (being technologically challenged)