V3 cams on Cam Lite, Cam Plus, Cam Pro, - motion clips?

My v3 motion Cloud clips are supposed to be 12 sec’s, right.

Now with cam Plus or legacy Lite. My SD card playback clips should be longer than 27 seconds of motion right ?

Yesterday, I had a Sd card playback clip . With continuous motion, that was not longer than the cloud clip. Which displayed a shorter playback clip, starting at 47 secs and stopping at 59 secs.

Could someone tell me why or What should I do ?

Unless, this is the new wyze motion recording ? For V3’s on Cam Plus or Legacy Cam Lite ?
(No pro for me)

I am beyond confused, as my cams are set for Event recording with Motion Tracking only.


I am confused too.

12 seconds w\ CPL, full length with CP

Not if you have Events Only recording set on the SD recording. It will only be as long as it detects motion. Should be same length as the CP Event or longer than the CPL 12s Event.

I’m not sure what this means. So it was a 12 second clip from the cloud and that was the cropped portion of the SD card longer clip that the cloud displayed?

If so, was this cloud clip tagged with AI?

Is this for both Cloud Event Recording AND SD card recording?

The motion tracking doesn’t play into this as that is just the little green box superimposed over the image.

Wether that cam has CP or CPL is a factor. If it only has CPL and you have AI PD set, and that cloud video was a PD AI tag, the video you see in the events page will be cropped to the 12 seconds that includes the AI tag. The SD card video has no AI capability and will not be cropped. It will be the length of the start motion\stop motion event if it is set to Events Only.

I have all my cards set to continuous.

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It seems to be a, " one off ".

I get lost in the jargon,
These days.