Cam plus vvideo

Hello. As of this moment I do not have cam plus so right now my video’s are 12 seconds long. Yesterday I saw a few videos that I want to see more than 12 seconds, If I get cam plus one day later (today) will it be able to get back that video from the previous day and be more than 12 seconds long? does anyone know this answer? I would really appreciate it.

Your are using a V3 camera correct? No you will not get longer than 12 seconds for the previous day video because that is all that was uploaded. If you are getting 12 second videos I am guessing you have Cam Plus Lite? You should put a good quality SD card in the camera and set it to record to the SD for either events or continuous so you can play back events longer than 12 seconds without Cam Plus from the SD. You should purchase a good high endurance SD card like at least 64GB, or 128GB and set the camera to record continuous. SD cards are getting less expensive, A few days ago I got two Samsung 256GB Pro Endurance cards for $42.00 including tax. I think the 128GB cards were about $13.00 each at that time.


thank you for your reply. Darn wishful thinking, lol. Yes, I have a v3 and cam lite. I will definitely get a higher quality SD card and up my GB also.

A 128GB card on continuous record last about 11 days for me before it starts to write over the oldest file.
Get the brand of your choice, something like this.

I’m looking at it now. in my opinion, anything Samsung has always been good. I’m going to get it, thank you

I just bought 2- 128 Pro endurance. thank you for the suggestion

I got my256GB cards on prime day, got them in 13 hours :grin:

now that’s what I’m talking about. I love Amazon