I just bought 2 wyse v4 cameras but I am not able to get the 12 seconds only the tumb nail, does anyone know how to get the 12 seconds as I have in my v2 and v3 old cameras?

I need help with my v4 cameras please?

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Unfortunately, the v4 camera does not support Cam Plus Lite, which is what’s giving you the 12s videos on your older cam. All the newer camera models (v3pro, pan v3, battery cam pro, video doorbell v3, floodlight pro, etc) do not support it.

Using a micro SD card or cam plus is the only way.

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Thanks for your reply,
So if I insert a 32 gb memory card I would be able to get the 12 seconds video??
Or do I need the memory card plus de monthly subscription?:

Thanks for your valuable help. :+1:

I am not even able to view the previous video timeline in the Wyze app on my v3 Pro cam. I only get a static image of events.
Does that mean I have to physically pull out the sd card to view previous event?!

Not necessarily 12 seconds. Once you have an SD card inserted, you will be able to configure recording to ‘Events Only’ for a video recorded during motion or ‘Continuous,’ which offers basically unlimited recording.

And no, you do not need a subscription!


After you open a thumbnail, click the “SD Card” button to view the recorded video.

Or if thumbnails accessed from the Events tab, it is the “Playback” button.


Thank you so much and I will try this on my next day off,
I really appreciate you help and I will let you know if it worked or not,
Have a Blessed day :pray:.


Agree. Thanks for pointing that out! :+1:

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