HELP! Wyze Cam Plus Subscriber

I recall having the option of full video recording playback with out SD card. Now Im only able to see 12 or 15 second footage, I bought subscription so that I would have complete footage? did something change with firmware update or did I inadvertently change a setting? and at times unable to get more than 12 secs after three hrs

I assume you are talking about Cam Plus and event videos on the events page of the app.?
I don’t usually get a lot of long term events in view of the cams but when I do it works. This is a V3 on cam plus and firmware

In the App, have you gone to Account - Services to see if your cameras are assigned to your newly purchased Cam Plus license?

Also, have you tried pulling the power cord on the camera for 30 seconds and plugging back in?

Firmware on two of the V3 cam is same as yours. Perhaps it’s my settings? I increased the detection setting to 57 from 30, it was something from a different Google thread. Do I need to set a rule?

They are assigned in the app for CamPlus. I feel that I will have to unplug as you suggested.

30 was a quite low sensitivity setting for a V3. Test it out a bit at the higher setting to see if it helps. The V3 should be capturing video Events as long as there is active motion remaining in the frame.

But, you are not the first user to note a deterioration in the Cam Plus Event Video Length. Read my post in Cam Plus video recording time.

I just set all my cams at 100 and don’t care, it’s not my server and I am paying to get events. :upside_down_face:

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