I have cam plus, why are the clips only lasting 30 secs max?

I have cam plus, why are the clips only lasting 30 secs max?
I was working out front for an hour, always in view of the camera and why are the clips just a bunch of 15-30 second clips? I have a micro card inside of them and its not full, Aren’t they supposed to record for up to 5 minutes? It did this on two different cameras because I was also in my side driveway with a camera with cam plus and it did the same thing.

also watching back the clips it seems like there is a freeze in all of them. I have noticed this freeze since the last update, that all the dections are having a free in the first part of the video then it starts going again.

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All event videos freeze for me and that’s if there is an event video. About 30 to 40% of the events don’t upload to the cloud. Thought I was the only one. Started after last firmware update. Along with many other issues. That last firmware update was really bad for me. I usually don’t say anything and wait it out but the bugs are just really bad. Also I ordered 2 of the new v3 pro cams just to be put on the waiting list so people who live close to the warehouse get first shipments, not in purchasing order, smh. Why? Sorry but I just had to vent. Hoping Wyze figures it out and get it together.

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With CamPlus you should be getting full length event videos up to 5 minutes, provided your cam recognizes the motion and has a good WiFi signal.

You can adjust the sensitivity up so that it activates on less motion and keeps recording. Also check to see how many bars of signal are showing in the device info.

Yeah its not lasting 5 minutes, and you can tell it recognizes the motion because right after that clip stops, it will pick it up again and start to record. So for example instead of a 5 minute video, I would get 10 20-30 second videos.

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Yup same here, every video I have, it freezes for a few seconds like 8 seconds into the video.
Then it skips ahead like 2 seconds later. Maybe this is why its not recording the full 5 minutes because of this stutter/freezing. It happens on all my cams, and I have 4

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Please.post your firmware version, app version and OS version.

app version dont see it on IOS, but its the current one since its not pushing for an update.
IOS 16.0

Ok. So the bad news… That firmware version has been halted while Wyze investigates “Event Recording Issues”

From your description, I would say that you have “Event Recording Issues”.

The only remedy I can suggest that might help is to:

  • Unassign Cam from CamPlus
  • Clear App Cache
  • Sign Out of App
  • Force Close App
  • Full power cycle on the cam (unplug)
  • Restart Phone
  • Sign into App
  • Reassign Cam to CamPlus
  • Test

Beyond that, you can try to flash firmware back to a previous version.