Problem du jour.... 12 second clip limit

Another day, another problem. Nothing changed on my end, I haven’t done a single thing to the cams but today my clips are suddenly stuck on a 12 second limit even though they’re all on CamPlus.

Wyze is a source of neverending entertainment. This is like stuff straight out of a sit-com.


I have one V3 with Cam Plus. I don’t have the issue of 12 sec videos. Maybe your cams tired and taking a nap.

Not so entertaining I would say!

I have 12 on CamPlus with 60-90 clips a day. I don’t have one under 12 seconds.

My only suggestion would be to pull the cams off of the CamPlus subs by unassigning them in the Account>Services tab; log out of the app, close app, restart device, log into app, reassign cams back onto existing unassigned CP licenses and then test them with AI motion to see if the AI server and cams reload your account subs to the cams.

And now, after not doing anything to the cameras, I’m now suddenly getting longer clips. It’s like a carnival game.

Step right up and spin the wheel!! What Wyze Cam feature will break today?

… or you could just wait and see if everything goes back to normal. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Wowza… talk about gremlins.