Limited event recordings

I have 2 v1 cams and have subscribed to Cam Plus for the last two months. I still only get the 12 second event recordings and can find no settings to extend the recordings. There is no cool down between the recordings so that part is working. What can be done to get past the 12 second limit?

Did you make sure that you added the Cameras to the Cam Plus Service after Purchase?

This can be verified by Going to Account>Services>Cam Plus and see if they are listed.

Then you can go into the Camera and see if you are set up for Cam Plus AI.

I would check this first.

Otheres have said the following, which with other issues, seemed to have worked as well:

  • Remove the Cameras from Cam Plus
  • Log Out of the App
  • Log Back into the App
  • Add the Cameras Back to Cam Plus and make sure they are setup as you need.

Note: Before logging out, Make sure you have your password and two Factor information (if you use this) to log back into the app.


Tried all that and issue still exists. there are a few extended recordings about 20 seconds but most are cut off at 12 seconds even though there is still motion.

I would reach out to wyze, you can go to

or you can call them: