I have Cam Plus, yet I don't find all its setting features

On my WCP and WCV3 both are assigned to Plus, yet no recording setting are available, example:
Accessing the length of the event recording and cool time selections. Only AI features are available.
App and firmwares are all up to date. Cameras have been newly reset.

Please help!

See photo.

Typically only battery-operated cameras (Ie: the Wyze Cam Outdoor, Video Doorbell Pro, etc) have those settings in order to give you the flexibility to set limits if you want to help your battery last longer. That is the only reason they have those settings

For all other cameras that plug in (ie: V1, V2, V3, Pan V1, Pan V2, original Video Doorbell, etc), you are automatically set to and kept at the maximum recording settings: No cooldown, and continuous recording as long as there is motion (if motion continues for longer 5 minutes straight, it will break the recording into 5 minute “Chapters” but it will keep recording everything).

So with cameras that are plugged in, the only way you are reducing the length of the recording is by having motion stop in view of the camera. You can lower the sensitivity settings so that it doesn’t record as easily (more motion will be needed to be detected as motion), but otherwise all those cameras will always be set to record all motion no matter how long it goes on for.

I hope that helps. You’re not missing anything, it’s just never been a feature for non-battery cameras.


Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed response. I finally understand and learned something new.
Thanks again!


You’re very welcome. Never hesitate to ask if something seems to be missing or inconsistent like that. It can be very helpful both for others and sometimes to help Wyze find some things or consider ways they can make things more clear or intuitive. These kinds of questions can be beneficial. :+1:

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