What happened to "Recording Settings"?

Did the Recording Settings function get removed from the Event Recording page in the (Android) app?
This is where I was able to configure Cooldown and Max Video Length, but the Recording Settings feature no longer shows up. I have Cam Plus on all my cams v3. Additionally it used to show up as a PLUS feature on the Event Recording link, but is gone too.
My Video Doorbell Pro still has the ability.
I noticed this difference late Oct, where my average recordings are now 15-30s, rather than what I had configured (2m). Sure I have SD cards w/ continuous recording, but these most common 12s clips to the cloud are no good, and Cam PLUS is supposed to give us longer clips of our choosing.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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Those settings are only available for battery powered cams when you have cam plus. Since your not seeing the plus either, I would try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, and force closing the app

That is incorrect. I’ve been using cam Plus on my v3’s for nearly 2 years, with complete access to Recording Settings and adjusting video lengths. I noticed it went away 2 or 3 weeks ago.
I tried your cache and force close just for giggles, but nothing changed.

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I have been using Cam V3 with CamPlus for a long time and have never seen those settings for the Cam V3. Like @IEatBeans stated, those are WCO and WCO V2 settings for the battery powered outdoor cams only.

If you recently updated your V3 Firmware, you may be experiencing some issues with your cams loading your subscription properly. Some others have also mentioned this. I think it is because of Wyze’s transition to a new subscription verification platform.

Unassign the cam from CamPlus, close the app, reopen and reassign. This should realign your subscriptions with your cams.

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All I can say is I’ve had it active for over 1-1/2 years on my v3’s. Don’t have any v2’s or outdoor. The configuration of video length and no cooldown were some of the factors while I got cam Plus. I have event screen shots to prove it.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the Beta releases and app?

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The Event Recording Settings UI does change with updates to functions and firmware on each specific cam. So changes can be noticed when a firmware update installs or an app update that compliments the firmware installs.

Please post the version number of the firmware you have installed on the cam and the prior version if you happen to know what that was.


Cams just upgraded firmware to on Friday. Prior version was
I personally think it may have something to do with installing the Beta app, which I did in the last couple weeks. That is version

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The firmware you are on is the same as the firmware I currently have installed on all my V3. It is the current Public Production Release. The App is also the most current Production Release. Both are the same version as the last beta before the release.

I have had all my V3 on every version of firmware going back to 4.36.1.xx and have never seen a V3 with a variable video length or cooldown option.

At one time in the past, there was briefly an option for V3 that were on CamPlus Lite to choose either Thumbnail Image or Video (12s), but that was shortlived and was removed many updates ago.

Please post the screenshots you have of these options. I am intrigued as to why those would be in the settings UI.

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