Cannot Save Changes to Cooldown and maximum video length - with CamPLUS

I have CamPLUS. I have recording cool down at 1 minute and Maximum video length at 30 sec. I am able to change these two settings but after I change them then exit the event recording section and then go back to event recording it always reverts back to 1 minute cooldown and 30 sec max video length. How can I fix this??

Did you tap on save at the bottom before you exited the page

Yes I did, I also cleared the cache and tried on my IPad. Same result

I’m going to ask the maybe dumb question. Where are you able to set cooldown and max recording length for CamPlus? I can not find anything related to that on any of the settings.

Note that I don’t normally use CamPlus. I only have it on a couple of new V3 cameras because a month of CamPlus came with them.

The cool down and video recording length can be used on the WCO with cam plus and also with scheduled event recording. No setting for it on a V3.

It is a bug! I found a work around.

  1. change the setting for cooldown and/or max length
  2. Save changes
  3. DISABLE the “Detects Motion”
  4. Re-enable “Detects Motion”
    New settings are retained

Hope this will help someone else

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Ah, a WCO thing.

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