Cam Plus on V3 Can't find duration and/or cooldown settings

See topic. I have a V3 and unlike my other cams, I can’t find the duration or cooldown settings.

Further, even though Cam Plus is assigned to the camera, on playback, it still suggests I upgrade to cam plus for more than 12 seconds of event recording when I play the event back.

Thank you.

If you have cam plus on that cam there is no cool down or duration. Recording is either event recording or continuous. On the app bottom right go to account>services>cam plus and see if in fact that cam plus is assigned to the V3. Or maybe you are using an old app?? Current firmware for the V3 is Current app depends if you are using iOS or android.

Just to clear up a possible ambiguity; there is continuous recording for Cam Plus (cloud) recording, only for SD (local) recording.

Fixed that for you.

As to custom cooldown I think that applies only to the Wyze Cam Outdoor model.

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TY, fingers are still asleep for the weekend …

Also yes, only WCO has configurable cooldown timer. I didn’t know, either, never ordered one.

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Yes the WCO can be set from 1-5 min. Cool down without cam plus. I have mine set to no cool down using scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam, still get the 12 second cloud event videos and notifications.

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