Cam Plus without continuous recording

I’m using the grandfathered person detection subscription only because I didn’t want continuous upload recording. If I upgrade to Cam plus can I turn off continuous recording and keep only the 12 seconds with the added 1 minute cool down that C+ offers?


Continuous recording is local to an SD card, if you pay for CAMPLUS the events will record for as long as there is motion and no cool down. Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code scroll down to the FAQ section for more info,


Yes, I don’t want them to continue to record the event. I just want the 12 second reference but with the 1 minute cool down.

Cool down is normally 5 minutes with the free cloud service, not 1. What camera are you using?

Ok so I didn’t realize there was NO cool down with cam plus. So what I want to know is if I have Cam plus can I have the option to turn off continuous event recording and maintain the 12 second event recording only while having ALL the other perks that comes with Cam plus? I want the notification of an event in front of my house but I don’t need the event recording until it’s over. I’m happy with the 12 seconds only but would like no cool down as well.

With CAMPLUS events clips are as long as they need to be, anyone can have continuous recording with an SD card.

I don’t believe there is a option to limit the event videos to 12 sec using cam+

This is what I was suspecting. During the summer months I’d end up with 1 continuous event from dusk until dawn from all the bugs. In the winter blowing snow triggers the infrared. During the day clouds that create over caste (light shift) triggers.

cam+ limits the clips to 5m, but you could have multiple 5m clips