12 seconds every 5 minutes?

So the email I received yesterday about the announcement of Cam Plus included a feature that said " Record Full Length Videos. Wyze Cams already record 12 seconds of motion every 5 minutes for free." Whoa, what?! Did I miss this? When did the free feature only record a clip every 5 minutes?

The free feature of a 12-second video every 5 minutes has always been there.

There has always been a 5 minute delay between clips?

Yes on the videos that show up on the events tab in the app. You have been and still are able to record continuous or entire events to an SD Card, that has not changed. The implemented something called CMC (Complete Motion Capture) because people wanted longer event videos in the cloud. That service has changed into CamPlus and now includes Person Detection.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know, I didn’t realize the 5 minute separation.

Not a problem, glad to help

What’s the official name for this - cool down period?

You are correct.

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Wyze should summarize event/recording behaviours on an Events For Dummies page and mention it on the instruction sheet that comes with the camera.

This is the first confirmation I’ve seen of the 5-minute cool down period. I’m pretty sure I’ve received more than 1 notification within a 5-minute period, though.

If you have multiple cams you could get more than one notification. The cool-down is per cam. So if one detects motion you get notified and it goes in cool down, if 2 minutes later a different cam detects motion you get notified and that cam starts a cool down.

This cool down period is strictly for events. So if you walk in front of the camera, you can set it up to notify you of an event. Then a 12 second clip is stored in your events that you can access. If you walk in view of the camera again 2 minutes later, it won’t record an event or notify you (because you’re in the cooldown time). However, if you have a V2 or Pan, you can insert an SD card and have continuous recording and playback anytime you want. So if you see a clip, but the 12 seconds doesn’t show you everything you want to see, you can view it in the playback from your app because your SD card recorded it all. The Cam Plus allows you to store longer than 12 second clips in the event cloud. It also doesn’t have the same 5 minute cooldown.