Stops recording in seconds

I have a “Wyze cam” ve v 4.9.156 with a strong Signal.

Here’s my problem:

Motion triggers the camera and it starts recording but even though there is still movement, the camera stops recording.

Why does it stop recording right in the middle of recording continuous movement? Why isn’t there an option that forces the camera to continue to record for a predetermined period, after the movement has stopped?

Bottom line, this camera is absolutely useless without that feature because there is no way of recording any kind of telling activity. If the camera stops as soon as it starts there is no way to see what is going on after it is triggered. How is anyone ok with this kind of operation. This makes be sure there must be a setting I have missed, though I have become very familiar with the settings and have tried them all, in an effort to get useful data.

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The WYZE cam works by recording a 12 second video when motion is detected and then it goes into a 5-minute cool down period. This is the way it has always worked. There is a paid option called CamPlus that will remove the cool down period and record the full motion event. It will also add person detection notifications.


Thanks! That’s the best answer I’ve gotten on this topic. I will check out CamPlus.


KUDOS to Jason

On some of my cameras, I record 24/7 and use the event notifications as a time marker for locating the complete event video. Not happy as other programs such as Tinycam do not have this limitation. The WOC can be set to only a 1 minute cool down period.
Why don’t they fix this? Just business, they want you to subscribe to their cloud service.

That is the same way I use mine.


There is nothing to fix, that is how it was designed.

The reason is simple, you paid $20 for a cam, and surprise, surprise, it costs money to do notifications & storage.

You can get the cam plus service if you need more which is fair, since it costs more.

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The ‘Cool Down’ period is just plain bunk

No, just business. Wyze Cam and cloud service is still a best buy.

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Anything that we, as consumers, buy that doesn’t operate as advertised is NOT ok. I don’t care about the price, deliver the goods as advertised.

Have they been advertised to work differently than a 12-second video with 5 minute cool down?

Jason I don’t have the time or inclination to repeat every failure to deliver that Wyze is guilty of, read the forums as I do, they are full of disappointed customers. I don’t believe that Wyze does this purposely but somehow their organizational ability precludes such rudimentary things as prompt customer service Replies and fixes that don’t break things that did work.

I read close to every post on this forum, we are in a thread concerning a 12-second video with 5-minute cooldown and my question was directly related to that, that is how they are advertised.

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I did not single out that particular issue Jason. :grinning: