Can you change the 5 minute cool down?

I have the CamPlus and it records for longer than the 12 seconds, but there is still a 5 minute delay between recordings a lot of the time! Is there a way to change that? I want it to record ANYTIME there is movement or sound and not have a delay. I miss a lot of what happens and I want to remove any type of delay or cooldown. Thanks!

With Cam plus on a outdoor camera you can adjust cooldown time between zero and five minutes in settings , event recording , the other cameras with Cam plus there should automatically be no cooldown

I assume you are using a Wyze Outdoor cam. Tap the gear icon top right on the app home page, go to event recording and change the cooldown time to no cooldown.

Actually no, this is all for interior cameras. Is it still the same?

If you are on a V2, Pan, or V3 camera and have CamPlus set up for that camera, there is no cool-down.

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As others have said, Cam Plus removes the video length limit and cooldown time. Have you tested to see if the camera will capture the motion or if the cooldown still exists?
When Cam Plus is applied to a camera, the cooldown time will be removed automatically.

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Yes, the cooldown still exists and I have cam plus. See pics here, you can see that it’s every 5 minutes roughly.

From the homepage of the app click on accounts, then click on services, then what does it show for active or available licenses? If you have a active license click that to see if that camera is selected. Based on your screenshot of the event tab it does not look like those videos are camplus videos. Cam plus videos show a time length of the clip next to the thumbnail.


That doesn’t like Cam Plus is activated to me.

CP on events are in Green, the two I have marked with stars have CP off.


I agree. I was just about to post this. I added camplus to front door just for this test. Others are not camplus cams at the time.

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