What is Plus?

What do I get with Cam Plus that I don’t get now? As to what I have now, I don’t know. I have 5 days left on a free trial so does that mean I’m using plus now and will loose it in 5 days? Is there a manual or ‘flow chart’ of the app so I can find the setting I’m looking for and what different settings do? The camera is great, the app, not so much. Very user unfriendly.

This page has a breakdown of the differences

here is the full FAQ page for Cam Plus.


I’m on a free trial basis for another three days. Does that mean I’m using the Plus version now? If so, why don’t I see the options for Recording Length ranges from 12 seconds to5 minutes or

Cooldown ranges from No Cooldown to 5 minutes? Are those options only available on the Outdoor? As I see it now, the only feature I gain by going to the Plus id Person Detection, is that correct?

What is the Cooldown Period?

Yes, with the trial you have all the features of CamPlus, it has no cool down, without it you will have a cooldown and a limit on the recording length. Camplus has no actual limit on events, the clips are just broken up into 5 minute intervals.

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Cooldown means the camera records a 12 second Event clip, then doesn’t record again for 5 minutes even if there is motion or sound.
Wyze calls it ‘cooldown’ but the purpose is to limit the amnount of server space used.

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Cool down period is the idle time it takes before your camera records another event.

If there is motion outside your camera will record a 12 second clip then start a cool down period for five minutes meaning your camera will not record motion again for five minutes. If you add an sd card to your camera then you can go back and view your history by selecting playback in your camera settings. You will have the options to record continuous or longer events.

When you have CamPlus there is no cool down period and your camera will record longer events as long as there is motion and back to back motion events as they happen.

I hope this helps.

That helps, thank you. Right now I’m getting about two seconds of playtime and about 10-12 seconds cooldown. Maybe that’s a lag time in the wifi?

if you are on Cam Plus, you should not have any event cooldown, but if you are triggering that often and not seeing movement you may want to turn down the sensitivity.

Okay, so I paid for the Cam Plus, got a notice of “1 available license”, tap on it and get the message that no camera found. ??

Do you still have a trial on your cameras?