CamPlus, can't change event recording length on CamPan and Cam V2

I subscribe to Cam Plus. I don’t have the option anymore to extend the Event recording length on the CamPan or Cam 2. only on the Cam Outdoor. It used to work for all cameras. the CamPlus icon still shows up for the cameras in the app. I tried removing the cameras from the CamPlus licsence and then adding them back and then restarting the cameras and the IOS app. I tried updating the IOS app. no change

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You can’t change the length for any wired cams, it’s only an option on the WCO to conserve battery. On the other cams it defaults to 5 min


My wired cams are currently limited to 12 seconds. that is supposed to be adjustable when you subscribe to CamPlus. It worked for awhile and then stopped

Nevermind, Turns out 12 seconds is the time it takes for a car to drive past my house so that is why all the recordings are 12 seconds. I ran a test and stood infront of the cameras for longer and it works