Continue recorging

i have a one year subscription cam plus ,it works ok sometimes but after a day it goes right back to recording 12 seconds with a cool down period, why does it not keep recording continuously

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I’m having the same issue with one of my subscriptions. Didn’t have issues with it before but now it is stopping at 12 seconds with cool down as well.

Same here, defeats the purpose of subscribing to cam plus. I suspect wyze have intentionally enforced the limit because they can’t afford the storage. I’m moving away from Wyze, they have gone downhill in the past couple of months.

Not 12 seconds, but I have noticed that my CAM plus videos have been shorter recently. I used to get multi minute videos and a quick glance shows I haven’t seen anything more than 30 seconds or so lately. I guess it could be due to changes in the firmware motion sensitivity.

I also wonder, and this is wild speculation, if this may be there attempt to limit lag in notifications. Since the PD is in the cloud and it doesn’t process until the video is uploaded, uploading shorter videos may be there way to get more video processed in less time. But this is all anecdotal at this time until someone confirms or denies it.