No more Video Clips,

Have several cameras, Recently; no more Video, just still photos?

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Welcome to the community @alvinski

Are you subscribed to Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?

Wyze will only provide clips unless you subscribe to one of the Cam Plus services. Now, before you get concerned, you can get the 12 second video back including person detection by subscribing to Cam Plus Lite at a Name your Price option. This means you can enter $0 for it.

To subscribe, use a browser and go to the Services page:

Cam Plus - Get 14-day Cloud Storage & Unlimited Video Recording - Wyze.

Scroll down to Key Features and the middle column is Cam Plus Lite. There is a link at the bottom to Name You Price.


Same issue, also started happening just a few days ago like with alvinski. Cam lite subbed for years, legacy user. One of two cameras is affected, naturally, the more important of the two. This is one of two total threads regarding this issue that I can find.

I do subscribe to cam Plus and Iā€™m not getting my 12 second videos