No longer 12 seconds video clips?

For v2 and v3 cameras did wyze remove 12 second preview recording of events? Only have a still shots of recorded events . If so really sucks as one of the main reasons I’ve purchased so many wyze cameras.


Only if you have no cloud access. If you’re not a Cam Plus subscriber, and prefer not to pay for same, you can sign up for Cam Plus Lite and name your price including $0. Then assign your cam(s) to it and you will have 12 second event recordings and free person detection.


That is true. In addition, in your event setting area, you will need to select the type of capture you want Video or Image.


Nothing has changed on my end yet I only get still shot event recordings now. Will look more into settings i hope. Note happened after an update to all cameras. Think wyze is changing their interface

Had the name ur price n i subscribed upon the initial offer for v2 cameras. Few years was paying. Wyze stopped my subscription or support for v2 all together from what i read in an email sent to me and so went my subscription. Was paying a few dollars every month for that service which was name ur price.


The only cam i know of that Wyze discontinued support for was v1.

You can still register for Cam Plus Lite for $0 or more for video events and person detection. Cam Plus (regular) is still $4.99/mo or $14.99/annually.

So what you are saying isn’t quite making sense to me.

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Wyze sent out emails and in app notifications since early this year for this change. The changes went into effect 3/14/22.

To keep the free cloud event clips you have to sign up for cam plus lite.

Here are some posts about it:


Normally when an event is detected, i can view the 12 second video, as from 15th March 2022, all the event detected only show an image and it is promoting me to subscribe to Camplus which i do now want to do. can someone from support advise how this can be rectified so that i can view the 12 second video without subscribing to Cam Plus.

You must subscribe to cam plus lite to keep the 12 second cloud recordings. There is a free option. Wyze sent out an email about this earlier this year, yesterday was when the changes went into effect.

This is a user to user forum, but you can search the forum for cam plus lite and all the info is there.


To restore your 12-sec video functionality, just follow these instructions:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started


I subscribed to cam plus lite, added my cameras and I’m still not able to get 12 second videos. Only one camera works. I’ve called like 4 times to Wyze and still no good answer.

Same here. One of my cams suddenly stopped recording 12 sec event vids. Wants me to pay for Cam Plus. Not Lite. But the big plan. Cam Lite won’t let me assign the camera to the Cam Lite plan, says it’s “bound to other services” which doesn’t make any sense. When I bought my cameras years ago I was told I’d get free person detection and 12 second event videos. Well Wyze changed their minds after the fact and I’ve tried rolling with the punches. Been paying for Cam Plus for a couple years now. Most unreliable crap ever. Paid in advance. Ugh.

After further troubleshooting I got my issue resolved. I just had to delete the cam from my list and re pair it. I’m good to go. I hope this helps.

Customer support told me to factory reset first but I’ll try that instead since I need a ladder to even reach my camera. I had no idea they took the 12 second videos away until last night when I needed to look back in my history! Shady af company. But hey they have toy cars now. :roll_eyes:

They did send out a bunch of emails and notifications on the app.

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Shame I didn’t get any. For some reason my in app notifications for Wyze was disabled. Had the cam for four years, really miss those first few months of use.

Well, I got my first wyze camera a couple years ago and loved it. Bought a couple more last year and have recommended them to a lot of people. I just realized today, apparently I can no longer get alerts from “events” and watch the video unless I subscribe to a service. Guess I’ll be selling these cameras and buying something else. What a let down, because they really are a great product.

Search the forum…lots of posts about this:

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You can subscribe for free. And you can still use SD cards like always.

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You can still get all the features as you had before with the addition of person detection at a name your price option, including $0, by subscribing to Cam Plus Lite.

Here is some information about how to subscribe and get your 12 second videos back.

Textual version on the Wyze website:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started

Yes thats sucks, for years wyze was best of the best but lately Im having diferent problems that make me doubt about. I HAVE 12 Cameras, Vaccums, Doorbells, watch… Every thing. I’m a Wyze Believer but when I bought my to last cameras Wyze Cam Pan V3 Every thing change. The software sucks especifically the way the Playback option works, the Old version is Way above this one, also, I cannot add to Plus lite like my others cameras, cameras disconnect from network constantly. I Dont know what happpen to wyze Team. ARE THEY GOING DOWN🥺

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