So I Can No longer Record 12 Second Clips To The Cloud?

So now I have to get a card for every camera or pay 10 bucks a month for 8 cameras?

Cards, in my experience, have not been that reliable.

Oh well, I get the price point and all but when I bought into the Wyze system with 10 cameras, 5 bulbs, 17 plugs, a thermostat, and a band it never came up about monthly fees.

Am I missing something or is cloud recording totally off the table without a subscription?


You need to read the start of this news thread. Sign up for Cam Plus lite.

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Thanks for that.

But I made my post based on the pop up in the app when I viewed my events. I clicked on the pop up and it took me to the 1.25 per month per camera order page.

I will look into the link you shared, I do appreciate it.

That’s an add for CamPlus, which you may still get after signing up for CamPlus Lite. I really prefer Lite because I get the 12 second clips but can use those to find events on the SD Card in the cameras.


as @Wildbill said, that is the Cam Plus Add.

  • Go here: Wyze Home Monitoring Service
  • Click on Add a subscription
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Cam Plus Lite
  • Select Cam Plus lite and then either select what you would like to pay or select Custom and enter in an amount or 0. This is per camera.

If you enter 0. you will be asked if you would consider paying $1, you can say no and then you will be subscribed to Cam Plus Lite at $0

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It’s a one time sign up hurdle, but if you choose $0 then you will be right back where you were - free short cloud recordings for all cameras - with the added bonus of person detection.


Thanks I signed up and paid more than the suggested.

Two things…

I somehow missed any communication about the lite subscription so thanks to those who pointed me in that direction.

And, a yearly option for the lite subscription would be nice.

Thanks again for the help.

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Checked the Wyze site just now (Feb 12, 2022 @ 07:45) and the camera is still being advertised as including 14 days of cloud video storage.
“Cloud Storage - Free rolling 14 days of alert videos stored in the AWS Cloud”

These cameras were marketed and sold to include this service. Users should be given the option to Donate funds if they choose but the feature should not be taken away from those who it was promised to even if they choose not to donate.


To get the 12 second cloud clips you need to sign up for CamPlus Lite. When you do, you can choose to pay nothing for the service. You are not required to pay anything.

Per the original post on the change:

It’s not a major change. You didn’t get the free cloud storage before, unless you signed up and activated a Wyze account.

You don’t get the free cloud storage now, unless you sign up, activate a Wyze account, and enable a free Lite plan whilst ducking some guilt and upselling.

As this lite service does not work with our v3 cams and cam pans after recent updates (they did in December via Megacy PD, and stopped working with the “cam plus lite” once it was announced), come the 15th will we be without 12 second recordings, or will there be an update in place to enable them working? Has anyone seen anything resembling a timeline out of the wyze crew as to successful fixes to actually enable the service working?

My old cam never worked w/ standard SD cards, so I needed the cloud storage (also doesn’t seem to want to update firmware last time I tried). Now it will only record 1 12-second clip every 5 minutes as I read the description? Kind of makes the camera pointless. I’m really glad I’ve only bought one of these. Eufy will be getting my money at this point.


There is nothing new in that. You have always gotten 12 second clips/5 minute cool down without CamPlus (not CamPlus Lite or Legacy Person Detection.) CamPlus Lite is just the new name for the free 12 second clips, with the added bonus of person detection.

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I never signed up for any of the Cam Plus [Lite] service. The 12 second clips are nice enough, but I don’t see any need for them. So long as I put a good SD card in the cameras, I can just go directly to the playback from the event, to see what happened.

And here’s something important to keep in mind: If you find that your cameras’s SD card playbacks aren’t “reliable”, it may be because of the quality of the SD card. Soon after flash memory devices started being sold, people started selling fraudulently formatted devices. And this is still going on. What happens is that someone buys a bunch of, say, 8 GB cards. They then format the card so that it will tell the operating system that it’s a 256 GB card. They sell it as a 256 GB device, but at a very competitive price. The buyer plugs it in and the OS says it’s 256 GB. They store some files on it (less than 8 GB worth) and it works. They give it a 5 star review. Eventually, they put more than 8 GB on the card and it fails. They think the card has failed.
A few weeks ago, I encountered this with a bunch of 256 GB cards I bought from a seller on I always test out my cards before I review them (there are several memory test apps and software packages available – I use “f3” on linux). They turned out to all be fraudulently formatted 32 GB cards. I returned those cards and bought from Amazon instead, for only a little more money. These tested well, and are working beautifully in my cameras (Cam 2, Pan Cam v1, and Pan Cam v2).

No 12 second clips without CamPlus Lite…only thumbnails. Should still get you to the event on your SD Card, however.

I fully expect not to have the 12 second clips, I’m fine with a still image capture. I haven’t signed up for Cam Plus Lite at $0 because I don’t want Wyze to incur any costs for services I rarely use and don’t feel any need to pay for. I found that the 12 second clips were rarely of any value to me, and with a 256GB card (less than $30 these days), I can quickly go back something like 20 days (continuous recording) to review as much of an event as I like. I don’t need person recognition, either.

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You can opt in without using the service (IE in app don’t apply to any of your cams), still have the future option should you change your mind in realizing it’s something you need on one or two cams, and not miss the boat on having done it when you could do it. Like having a class M on your drivers license despite not currently being a motorcycle owner, yeah? Simply opting in for zero won’t cost anyone anything.

Wait. So the 12 second cloud clips every 5 minutes are going away and will be replaced by a screenshot, unless we sign up to the new CamPlus Lite? When was that announced?

I saw the popup for CamPlus Lite but I thought that was just to add Person Detection, I didn’t know it was going to remove the short cloud recordings.

I don’t want Person Detection, but I do want the 12 second cloud recordings.

Yes, I have an SD but that isn’t much use if someone steals my camera. A cloud recording has some chance of seeing them.

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Confusing behaviour in the app.
In the Account tab, I see Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy) so I clicked that. It brought me to a Subscription page where I could pay 1.48 for it but I noticed a label up top saying I was already subscribed so I backed out.
I clicked it again and it brought me to the Subscription page where it did not say I was subscribed. I backed out.
I clicked it again and it let me select my cameras and enable Person Notification on them. No mention of money. So I did that.

All very strange. I’m good now. But I still had no idea that the cloud recordings were going to be removed.

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Cam Plus Lite was first announced 11 Jan.2022, I see in the Wyze news forum deadline is extended to 28 Feb.2022. Just a quick note: I am using the iOS app, if I force close the app or restart my iOS device I have to go back to account on the app and turn the Cam Plus Lite back on. It only takes a min. but it is annoying.