Forcing cam plus on us AGAIN

I have been with wyze since their first camera v1. I loved that you could add your sd card and record without cloud service or a monthly subscription. They slowly started to roll out cam plus and force it on us. Today I went to see motion in my yard and realized it no longer captures video regardless of having an SD card inserted, it only captures a still image. Really?!? In order to see the video now I need a subscription for EACH CAMERA! What’s next, paying for notifications? Come on guys, stick to the roots that made you the amazing company you are. Don’t make me start paying every time I open the app…I have 8 cameras I absolutely refuse to pay $160 a year considering we didn’t have to pay anything before.

Saw that today as well. Pretty bogus. Might be time to look for another solution. Been a long time user as well.

You really need to read all the posts on this. Your videos are still recording to the SD card. What changed is that without CamPlus or CamPlus lite you get still images on the web. These should still get you to the video on the SD card if you use the playback button. If you miss the 12 second clips, sign up for CamPlus lite with a $0 payment.


You are looking at EVENTS - which have ALWAYS been cloud based. Playback on the camera screen is uSD card based and never has required (and still doesn’t) require any sort of subscription.


I have had free 12 second events recorded since the beginning of time. Today is the first day they were not there and required a subscription.

The 12 second clips are cloud based EVENTS - and always have been cloud based. That has nothing to do with recording on your uSD card. To watch your uSD card based recordings, select a camera on the “Home” tab. At the bottom of the screen is the big sort of green bar that says “View Playback”. That is your uSD card recordings. Recording to the uSD card can be controlled by selecting the camera on the “Home” tab, then the settings (looks like a gear) in the upper right corner, then Advanced Settings. The uSD card settings are at the top of the page.


That’s fine that it’s always been cloud based but it’s always been FREE cloud based.

And it still is, if you select/demand a $0 contribution.


It’s still free if you specify 0$ for CamPlus Lite. However your first post was that you really liked the Wyze cameras because of the ability to record to a local uSD card. However your screen capture is from watching cloud based events and NOT uSD card recordings. In your first post, you said:

You do NOT need any sort of subscription to watch uSD card recording. That is still the case.
Cloud based event recordings and local uSD card recordings have no relationship to each other.


Thanks and sorry I’m not a dedicated wyze response expert and I do not know every little thing there is to know about wyze. I’m seeing a bunch of people with the same issue/problem/question so maybe it’s on them to explain better or be more transparent. I’ve had my cams for many years and when something changes I don’t always know why

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They should have streamlined this for all of us, but they didn’t. Alright, first thing you need to do is go to the Wyze website, log in, and choose the “cam plus LITE” plan. When prompted to pay/contribute, simply type in $0. As in, free. You should not be prompted for any credit/debit info. Once that’s chosen, go back into your app and click here (I really hope these are all in the right order.

Once you’ve done that, here:

…and here’s where it gets cumbersome/silly. You should be seeing this page, but there is an additional menu option which you must scroll over to.

From there, you can set each cam to work on cam plus LITE. I believe the logic Wyze had here was to allow people the option to have wider functionality with specific ndividual cameras, but they made a big UI mistake by essentially “hiding” access to the free option, leading a bunch of users to feel slighted / screwed over (even though they weren’t, really, but giving people that feeling is a difficult thing to recover from, and Wyze should probably at least apologize for causing the confusion).

I’m still also amazed that, while it seems that the app has a notification in it about what to do, there is still no post to social media letting people know what to do. Instead, we’re seeing ads for a gun safe- at a time when a bunch of customers genuinely believe the product doesn’t work as advertised. Really not a particularly smartly timed move at all.


Almost as if it were intentional.

I fully understand where Wyze is coming from, and they need revenue, and the pay-what-you-want thing is pretty cool, but people are getting unhappy.

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All the complaining about Wyze changing their services, it could be worse…

Wyze goes Out of Business due to lack of revenue, now you all got a bunch of e-waste.
Without Wyze servers even storing video to SD is off the table…

The way Wyze has gone when my V3’s get killed off by Wyze I won’t replace with a Wyze product, I will move on to another brand.

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Eufy cams are slowly replacing every one of my wyze cams due to the integrity of the product and reliability.

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Curious about this statement. I thought you were satisfied with them for non-critical purposes?

This is one of the reasons I own mostly V2 cameras. I can always install Dafang firmware and keep using them. Only have two cams that will be useless: V3 and Pan V2. Sensors, plugs, bulbs and hub are whole different matter.

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It seems they quickly plugged the loophole you suggested. This forcing customers to Cam Plus is what we call ‘Bate and Switch’. Their competition will love this. I was only half satisfied with the Outdoor Cam to begin with. I’ll be looking for replacement units now.

Yes I am satisfied with my “Current” V2 & V3 cameras.

But if they kill them off like they did the V1’s I will not be sticking with Wyze at that point.

Too much of what Wyze originally stated as a business model has changed and once my current cameras are obsoleted by firmware or design then I will move on…

I will continue to use them until they cease to function as intended, they work very well with CamPlus Unlimited.

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That is a pretty good explanation but now it’s 3-18-2022 & I don’t seem to need to slide over to get to the “Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy” option. It’s showing there if I scroll down to SERVICES.
Below it CORRECTLY shows a PLUS (+) sign & SERVICES. Tapping THAT CORRECTLY brings up …Which cameras would you like to enroll in Cam Plus Lite. BELOW that it CORRECTLY lists the custom name I have given to my camera. All GOODS SO FAR!!! EXCEPT THAT THE TOGGLE BUTTON REFUSES TO STAY IN THE TOGGLED ON (GREEN) POSITION???
I assume THAT is where it needs to be to get this ENROLL your camers thing to work so I can be back to getting the 12 second clips to work FOR FREE as thats the CUSTOM AMOUNT I choose.
Seems like the WYZE Cam people have done this whole change thing just to attempt to GUILT people into paying something for the service BUT then Passively Aggressive offering it STILL FOR FREE . BUT only after you jump through all the hoops & whistles. And then (If you didn’t accidentally do a RESET of your camera as I accidentally did trying to follow all the instructions to get it back to simple work as it did, You now finally figure out what (Menu) pages to go through & finally when you think you almost got to the end the Toggle switch will NOT TOGGLE. I REALLY think they are doing this on PURPOSE!!!

No they didn’t? Please explain.

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