How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite

A video from one of the Wyze founders:

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Good idea to pin this. Needed “damage control”. :wink:


No damage control would be needed if this had been thought through with competent management and IT. I purchased and set up several cameras. They worked fine and at a good price. Now I am asked to jump through poorly explained hoops to keep them working. Sign up for a cloud service (Cam Plus Lite), link all of my camera, turn on video for each, etc, etc.) I also have a Wyze scale. That’s it and likely it will be the last product purchased. My current cameras will likely be put into a box for Goodwill. I will likely be dealing with a company that doesn’t think bait and switch will be a great idea to improve their bottom line. Think about this: what if Apple did this to my phone? What if I had to jump through hoops to keep things working on my phone? There would be a mass exodus to Android. I suspect there will be less trust of Wyze as a customer centered business. You are expanding too fast and have too much of an opinion of yourself. Get back to your roots.

I would suggest you go through the steps you suggest. You sign up for Cam Plus Lite. Try choosing $0 for the monthly charge. There will be a delay. Then a pop-up pleading for at least $2.00. Enter $0. Next page requires credit card information to move on. Try to add the cameras to Cam Plus Lite from your phone. You will get a message that it has to be done from the web page. Go to the web page. Try to find the section to add the cameras. I am asked to pay $2.48 to help you with costs. How about you send me something for my time that I am spending trying to get something working that I have already paid for?


If only an intrepid customer had piped up early on and saved the day. Only in the funny papers I guess. :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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Guess just too many fanboys.

@WyzeDave I would like to do my part to decrease storage in the Wyze cloud from my 8 WCO’s, 5 V3s, 2 V2s, 2 Pan Cam V2s and my Video Door Bell.

All Wyze needs to do, is let me write my video to my NAS on my home network.

Let me know when you have this implemented, and I’ll lighten the load (and cost) of storing my data in the cloud, because you are correct, My 18 camera’s send many clips to the cloud, and yes, I don’t watch them all. Too Many clips of plants or trees waving in the wind, bugs flying across, etc that are certainly a waste of cloud storage.

If the clips were on My NAS, I’m guessing I could view them easier and more efficiently and grab the clips I want, and delete those that I don’t.



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Nobody has ever quoted me back to me before.


That said, if Mr. Crosby’s claims in the OP video are genuine, Wyze’ efforts to contact and inform customers in advance were reasonable.   :woman_judge: :man_judge:

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Oh I agree. It would also have been reasonable (though even less popular) to make the changes with no notice at all, or to end all free cloud services up to and including the ability to remotely view camera. This is Wyze’s business and what’s unreasonable is for non-subscribing customers to expect a decade or more of perpetual free storage and services.

$20 cameras with free services sounded too good to be true because they were too good to be true. I am still impressed with how much continues to be “given away”. It’s a weird model, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


They put themselves in interesting pickles. I like their gumption.


I don’t expect a decade of storage, just the 14 days.


“We choose to [X]. We choose to [X] in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.”

Soaring rhetoric.

But there’s a geopolitical elephant in the room. They cannot be unaware of it.

We’re going to have a very ‘interesting’ decade. If we survive it.

Thats me. No event videos. Does someone have a dimple step by step process for keeping the free features no paid subscription? This is the kind of experience that makes an average even tempered user customer hate a product. What a totally ill conceived out of touch business cluster f***. Shame on you WYZE.


OK after I calmed down I was able to track down the steps to subscribe to cam plus lite. But the info available on selecting the variable subscription options is perhaps the worst I have ever encountered, and that includes the owners manual for a korean made remote control car i bought in the 90s written by someone with limited understanding of English. I wish i could post here a screen grab of the instructions so others wouldnt have to scrounge for them.


Surely you know what I meant?

Do you still expect the 14 days of free storage 5 years from now?

Maybe you were joking.


Ya, I got your point for got the :wink: and I agree for the most part - there is no contract between customer and wyze for “x” services for the life of the device, only what they advertised at the time of purchase, it is advertising not a contract, and they certainly can change that at any time they please. I hope they continue to offer the free option but my expectations are realistic that it may disappear. Our needs at present are more for the convenience of knowing when a delivery is dropped off - the old v2 with PD gives me that significantly better than using the vdb (which I beta tested for over a year) due to view at this house. If I needed security monitoring then I’d evaluate wyze vs others at that time.

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You should be able to manage and set up WyzeCam light in the app!

or at the very least …provide a working link that takes you directly to the page where you can do it on the web…

I was sure I had set up all my cameras and selected a price months ago, The cameras were working wonderfully getting person detection alerts and nothing else… But the latest firmware update wiped them all out…

so now I’m trying to find the website …so I’ll go watch that video… In hopes I hear it quickly… and not have to watch the whole thing… where I would rather just click a link.


FWIW, several have posted the step by step and the video - it’s just some these threads are pretty full now and hard to track down the posts - this thread has it pinned to make hunting it down a lot easier to find.

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