How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite

I just checked all the comments on this thread and no one has done it here yet …so I’m still looking…

I’ve been here since the beginning, and I’ve supported wyze …bought almost every product l… have at least 15 cams… this move really pisses me off

you should be able to manage and set this up from the app… Or, as I said in my earlier post at least put a link that takes you to the page… Come on how hard is that.

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See video at top of this thread… On the website - unless they made some changes - the services page looks to be for camplus, at the very top is a dull gray banner about keeping 12 sec videos - the link is “learn more” - not click here to subscribe. if for some reason, it says you are already subscribed or that your cameras are already bound to the service or something like that and if some odd glitch prevents assigning your cams - then submit logs for each cam and PM @WyzeJimmy with the log numbers.

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Copied this from another thread since some seem to prefer written instructions and this looked decent:

Yes the free 12 seconds of free recorded video for motion or sound events is still available for WYZE cameras, but they have made it extremely hard to get through the menu system and make you sign-up for Cam Plus Lite (which is the free 12 second video recordings - free subscription).

Here are the instructions to sign back up for the free 12 seconds per event of recorded video.

Log Into 2 Under Services - go to “Overview”

At the top of the screen - Where it mentions Need 12 Second Event Videos…
Name your price for Cam Plus Lite “Learn More”
Click on “Learn More”

Scroll to the bottom of the “Learn More” page where it says “Cam Plus Lite”
Click on “Subscribe”

The screen tries to get you to subscribe for an amount per month,
but you can subscribe for $0 per month like you had before.

Click on “Custom Amount” Type “0” (zero) Then
Click “No” and the pop=up goes away and the $0 box turns to purple and the Save button becomes clickable

Then you should see an invoice for $0.00.
If the screen goes to a Pay Option - instead of this screen, then something went wrong, try again.

Under Wyze “Account” you should now have “Cam Plus Lite” under My Subscriptions and Billing History of a Paid Status for Total of $0.00


see post I copied and pasted with written instructions

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Thanks …I was able to find it pretty easily and logged in but it said I was already subscribed…(I knew I had done it months ago), but I did it again anyway and of my 15 cameras I only lost one of them… It doesn’t list person detection anymore but I’ve had enough of it for tonight… if I only lost one camera I’m going to call that a win… since doing that, person detection is working again.

Thanks for your help. :+1:

My only tiny issue was I was running a browser that blocked pop-ups… so I couldn’t click “no” on the pop-up that didn’t pop up…

but I figured that out pretty quickly… :rofl:

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I have four cameras and two have Cam Plus. I got several messages saying that because I have Cam Plus, I’ll get Lite automatically on my non Plus ones. Then I got a email that said I needed to enroll for Cam Plus Lite on the cameras. I figured out how to do that, it worked. Then after updates, I have no clue which cameras have the LITE. The Plus ones are clearly labeled. The LITE? No clue where to find that let alone try and reinstall it.

Huge fan of Wyze but this rollout was bungled and it’s still a mystery, Why hide the LITE label? I don’t understand.

I have iOS, on iPhone app in services, I have to swipe the top headings and lite is out of view until swiped over. On iPad, I see all the headers. Although in my case, it’s so messed up on the backend I can’t select anything and web says I’m already bound to the service. Waiting for the fix hopefully soon.

That’s what it was! Thank you.

But really… why not just add an icon in top right of cameras indicating what service the camera has? Also, perhaps it should be Cam LITE, Cam Plus and Cam Pro or Cam Premium,

The Cam Plus Pro is not a great name.


Great! Glad it worked. Hopefully those with my type of glitch will be made whole without too much delay. Seems like they received enough log files now to track down the offending code and can fix it without requiring a reset.

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Couldn’t agree more.

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OH BOO HOO HOO! “I got a decent camera for next to nothing, and I expect a BUSINESS to give me the world for FREE and not understand why they need to make money.” What a bunch of whiners. As if it’s going to kill anyone to give them a buck.
Get over it. Stop freeloading and buy something else. Good luck with that!

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Most folks are just trying to follow the company’s lead but the lead can be hard to follow.

Well if you’ve read my posts on the other threads you’d know that there are some who have Wyze backend glitches that are beyond our control. I think we have a right to complain - Wyze would not know they have code problems if not for us. The whiners are not the majority, and not all complaints are based on failure to understand the free option is available, just buried in a convoluted system, and thankfully neither are the intolerant in the majority. Most in these forums are generally helpful. Imho, the juvenile comments should be directed to social media, they’ll get more likes.

It looks like Wyze has been hoist by their own petard a little.

The petard being the programmatic attempt to steer customers away from choosing $0 for ‘free’ Cam Plus Lite.

From the far outside (I’ve had no problems, migrated automatically from free Legacy Person Detection, haven’t updated v2 firmware or app) it looks like it added to the confusion caused by any backend glitches.

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Dude that’s not the agreement the company made with their customers when the cameras were purchased. If I knew they were going to charge me a perpetual fee to use their cameras I would not have purchased 10 of them. What the company has done is called “Bait and Switch” which is illegal.

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That is false, at least as of the moment. You can get CamPlus Lite at $0 cost per month and get 12 second videos back plus person detection. You can also still record to an SD card in MOST cameras without any monthly subscription.


Yes. Because it is what came with the cameras when I bought them.

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Fwiw, I initially did find the legacy PD migration to CPlus lite to be automatic without any changes or errors. It’s only upon the full rollout on the 14th that I saw my event video went awol for a while, no still images just nothing, meanwhile notifications increased due to general motion which I had turned off. The videos started again without intervention, so I only went in settings to check the notifications and it removed the person detections toggle, only the motion and sound which I don’t use. I tested turning off motion notifications but it also stopped the PD notifications. I tried everything including signing up again on the web - that’s when I saw it says I already have the service and shows my free trialPD invoice from 2020, good until 2069! Nothing I can do will allow me to delete it or signup afresh. I’m stuck in limbo until wyze can figure out how to release the cams or otherwise fix their coding. It seems there are others with similar issues but according to the PM I got from wyze, it’s not affecting a majority. The majority are just troubled by the obfuscation of the signup and settings. In my case, it’s only 2 cams and it’s not a security usage, just a convenience so I can wait for the fix. PD and video work, I just have to listen to the ding of all the random motion notifications. I’d try the reset, but I’d prefer to hear from others that works without any hiccups, since I’d hate to find the situation end up being even more fubar.