We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

But then they wouldn’t save enough to fund the extra person detection costs. That’s the trade-off, good or bad, and they’ve been pretty straight about it. I still don’t like the “but someone else is paying for your service” gambit though.

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Type “Cam Plus vs Cam Plus Lite” into Google.
The first result will take you here: How does Cam Plus Lite compare to Cam Plus and Pro?

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Not really sneaky, they’ve been sending emails, posting here, Facebook, Reddit…

Yes, if you don’t opt in you will not have 12 second Cloud recordings. It is your decision at that point. It is very easy to opt in.

Those of us that had Legacy Person Detection are automatically signed up for Cam Plus Lite.

There is no deadline to opt in to Cam Plus Lite.

Not sure why you didn’t get notified but you’ve got time to opt in before the 12 second clips stop.
The opportunity is Person Detection for those that didn’t have it.
Event recording is not gone forever. It’s gone if you don’t opt in. There is no deadline to opt in.
You decide whether you end up without event recordings.

No because you decide whether you end up without event recordings or not.

This comes down to us taking 5 minutes to opt in. If you are unwilling to do that don’t blame Wyze. I am not a fan of the way Wyze does some things but this is easy to overcome. Don’t make more of it that it is.
If Wyze sent an email saying they would send a free camera to anyone that checked a box on a web site there would be thousands of free cameras going out and a handful of complaints, someone always complains. :grinning:


This is a useful framing and I agree with it. However, there is still going to be a chunk of people who missed, ignored, or misunderstood the messaging and will come to find they have no events recorded when they go to check after a break-in (etc.) weeks or months down the line. It’s going to be a problem.

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That’s useful info and is exactly what should be provided but that info is hidden (like I said, not easy) in a kb article. That should be on the front page of the general website as well as on the page where people actually sign up for the services so it’s visible for when people actually want to give MONEY to Wyze so they know which service is best for them. I shouldn’t have to do a google search and definitely wouldn’t expect this info to be in a kb article but rather on the page where I’m going to choose the service level I want to buy.

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There are actually five current choices for service and the nearly identical naming doesn’t help. I humbly suggest something like the following.

  1. CamNone. No cloud service.

  2. CamThumb. Thumbnails only.

  3. CamPerson or CamLite. Legacy person detection.

  4. CamPlus or CamAI. Additional detections and storage.

  5. CamSecurity. Whatever the heck “Pro” is. (I think it calls 911 for you via Noonlight.)

Note: These are the existing service levels. All I’ve done is suggested new names. (I actually thought there were only 4 choices until I started writing them down.)

This is a well thought-out suggestion Customer. I don’t think the Name changes will be implemented, but it is a great suggestion nonetheless. Definitely makes it immediately understandable what the differences are. Well done.

I am not sure “CamNone” technically exists as separate from any of the other services though. The only way to get it is to either a) install special custom firmware, or b) turn off all motion and sound detection and all notifications (then nothing will ever go to the cloud, but you won’t get notifications either)…and this can be done while having any of the other services technically simultaneously applied to the account…so it’s not really a separate service in that sense…but it is a separate option of sorts, so still valid from that point of view.

To answer about “CamSecurity” (Cam Plus Pro), it is basically Cam Plus with all the added Security services & the Connection to Noonlight like you said.

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For those following this thread, the switchover (aka “Deadline”) will now take place on Feb 28th:

Keep in mind you’ll still be able to enroll after this “deadline” it’s just when things will automatically switch to thumbnails & text for those who don’t enroll or don’t want cloud videos.


So since opting into Cam Plus Lite I lost most of my Person detection on my Cam Plus Camera and the Lite cams it doesn’t work at all.
Has there been any progress at getting Person Detection up and running properly yet? I’m too tired of this to go searching the Forum for the answer. It’s likely not in here anyway.

The fixes are being beta-tested right now:

So once Beta testing confirms the firmware updates are in the clear it will be pushed out to everyone else. Anyone who doesn’t want to wait can try enrolling in beta testing and get the proposed updates now. I’d mostly suggest waiting for most people, but the option is there for those who want it ASAP.

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Yes, people are going to get left out in the cold when they need the clips the most. We aren’t extraordinarily perceptive, Wyze knows what the results are going to be.

It’s a hard lesson but they will learn to trust Wyze as much as I do. :joy:

Beg to differ? :wink:

They’re definitely taking a gamble on future goodwill but it pays off now for those who want V3s with cheap/free person detection.

I’m confused about what this means. Can I still record 24/7 using my SD cards if I opt into cam plus light? I didn’t realize the videos I am getting on basic were cloud and assumed they were from my SD so if I have to opt in for this to continue I guess that’s fine. I just don’t want to lose the ability to have 24/7 recording if I want to go and look at a specific time. Thanks

24/7 recording to SD cards will continue no matter what you do, so you’re totally in the clear there :+1:

Basically, this is just for the “events” tab in the app…do you want little 12 second cloud clips still? Do you want it to label those events “Person” when those clips have a person in them? Then sign up.

If you don’t sign up, you’ll still have 24/7 SD card recording. It’s my understanding that your notifications will just have a thumbnail picture of detected motion (like notifications currently have anyway), and they will apparently be able to link you to the SD card location now, instead of to the events page. That should really be the only difference compared to signing up for CPLite. Honestly, it’s not a big deal IMO if you use SD cards.

You just get the added bonus of having Person detection labels on cloud events now if you sign up to continue having cloud events. That’s really the summary of the whole thing. Use an SD card and it doesn’t really matter. because you’ll continue to have that 24/7 recording regardless of whatever else you do.

I hope that helps.


I have same issue others described. I opted in to CPL, it shows I had already subscribed, but when I try to assign my Cam Pan to CPL service with that switch, I get “Whoops, looks like you’re not subscribed to CPL”. Stuck in a loop. My app is current. Crazy frustrating.

Hey Carver, a quick question for you do you think that they will ever make the SD cards content available through the app

The SD card content is available thru the app now using the “View Playback” button under live view, and the “Playback” icon under each event on the Events tab.

The first one will take you 5 minutes back in time on the SD card, and the second one will take you to the exact time of the event.

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As Newshound indicated, we can view the videos themselves through the app in the View playback section…but if you mean the actual files like you would see plugging the SD card into the computer and viewing the individual file folders, structure, and the files themselves…like the following:





I have not heard of any plans to do this. It would still require removing the SD card for the foreseeable future. I am guessing this isn’t a huge priority because of their millions of users, very, very few of us ever remove the SD card to retrieve files, but it sure would be a great convenient feature for those few of us that do it sometimes. :+1:

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Card accessibility is obvious as the cameras can write to them. Removing them from the camera can be a daunting task for some people. Just the ability to access the content is what I want either as a view or a direct download.