We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

Yes, you will be able to increase your contribution at a later time if you choose to.

Do you have a multi-camera discount for Cam Plus? I have 3 cameras. 1 has Cam Plus, 1 has Cam Plus Lite and 1 has nothing. If so, how do I access it?

Everytime I try to toggle this on for a camera it immediately untoggles and the seup person detection button never lights up.

Will Wyze Cam v1 lose cloud storage of 12 second videos which I currently get for free?
How can I keep getting the 12 second cloud storage of video with the v1 cameras?

Writing “not supported” in your documents, does not tell a real world user what that actually means. We are not as knowledgeble in tech speak to understand it.

Is Wyze abandoning support for v1 cameras?
Will the Wyze app stop working with v1 cameras?
Will v1 cameras stop working?
If yes, will Wyze give us a discount to upgrade to current version cameras?

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You need to opt in to the CPL service before you can enable the service on your cams from the app. Log in the to Services website from a browser, go to My Account in upper right, click Add a Subscription, choose CPL, opt-in at whatever price you want and then go back to the Wyze app and assign CPL to your cams.

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We want to bring smart home technology to the masses. -Wyze (paraphrased)

Meet the masses.

If you’re invested in Wyze hardware it’s in your interest that they stay in business. To stay in business they must generate revenue. Aiming to generate revenue they solicit. And make bold business moves. And still try to please everyone (im-freakin-possible but they try) consistent with their founding principle (customer=friend.)


And they encourage constructive critique of all kinds so absolutely carry on as will I. :slight_smile:


I’m stuck on that when I try to sign up. I do have one Cam Pluse sub, I thought that I would be automatically subbed for free

if you subscribe to Cam Plus Lite, you wont lose the cloud storage as you have today. I will provide Person detection as well.

You can also put an SD Card in and set it for Continuous or Event Recording. Then it will stay on the SD Card until the card is full, then it starts over from the beginning.

Peep, that was a very verbose explanation of basic business practice. You continue to amaze me my friend. Your business acumen is commendable.

Yes, I have a firm grasp of the obvious. Like this genius, apparently… :wink:


Last I looked, ALL USERS meant all users?
V1 cam people are left out in the cold with this.
Don’t need to upgrade, since they are working fine as is right now, but, on Feb 15th they turn into doorstops since the promised free cloud storage isn’t a thing anymore.

Sure, could pay $40 for a new cam, but, I have zero confidence Wyze won’t do the same thing to the V3 cam or whatever, once they know they can’t make enough $ from users.

So, leave the V1 people alone from this terrible change, or offer them free upgrade cams.

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The V1 sends motion clips to the cloud servers, right? I never understood any technical reason why they couldn’t participate in all Wyze “AI” services - NONE of them rely on local intelligence.

Maybe you just opt in to CPL and see if you at least keep motion events?

Yeah, doesn’t really make sense the way they are handling this. The cam just uploads to AWS then from there, it should be trivial to process the images.

I tried to opt in, and Wyze says it won’t work on the V1 since it needs firmware changes.

I will believe it when it happens, i have v1 and v2 and stated in the days of dinos i would pay $1 per month and have been billed $1 a month and not getting the service.

Absolutely! It should be trivial cost to keep whatever algorithms are currently being used. This change has given me zero confidence in purchasing any other Wyze products. If they can change the promise for one product, they can do it for any product, current or future. They may have good intentions, but their execution is awful.

In addition to the email everyone else got, I received the following:
"Hey Friend!

For the last year, you’ve been on the receiving end of a generous gift from another member of the Wyze community. You’ve been getting Wyze Person Detection on your Wyze Cam v2 or Wyze Cam Pan for free, paid for by another Wyze user!"

What a load of crap. I bought a camera that advertised person detection and no cloud uploads. Wyze was unable to provide that and wanted me to pay for what they could no longer deliver. The camera in question is rarely used and paying anything more than a couple of bucks a year simply wouldn’t be worth it. Now they try to shame me into paying for what I already paid for. The fact that Wyze could not deliver as promised was not my fault.

Someone needs to apologize for this email and/or offer me a refund for the camera in question so I can move on.


I have 8 Wyze Outdoor cams and live in New Zealand. Relatively new to Wyze products but impressed with the use of them so far. These were purchased from Amazon. What I am hearing these days is that they are not supported outside of US and Canada.

If I try to select the Cam Plus under account in the application when payment pops up it only has Canada or US so not able to complete transaction. Will will they update Cam Lite automatically at some stage? I only really require Cam Plus on a few not all.

With the change to using larger memory cards is it a requirement for the SD card to be formatted exFAT prior to being inserted into V3 cameras ?

FAT32 should still work fine as well.
Basically whatever format your SD card comes in should work natively in the V3 cameras now instead of having to manually format it like has sometimes been necessary in the past. Now you should just be able to plug it in as it was sold.

Other cams will require a firmware update first.

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Why does Wyze need my payment details if I subscribe with $0? I have no trust left in this company