What happen to free recording?

what happened to free recordings? ive been using wyze since v1. i have subscription on 1 of the few cams i have and the others only take snapshots now. if thats the case i may move on to a different brand


Same question here. I have been a Wyze advocate since they first hit the market. Now the features I have always loved are pay only, even if i habe no interest in cloud storage. Adding insult to injury, the neighbor had their car vandalized right in front of one of my cameras. Because the firmware changed the default recording settings i got a single useless still image that was no help. Basically made my dozen cameras into useless paper weights unless I subscribe for cloud storage that I dont want. Way to ruin a fantastic product.

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Search the forum there are many, many posts about this:


Hope I am not hijacking the OP’s thread here, but everything in that video is fine. As a small business owner I can appreciate thw struggle. The video addresses exactly zero of my conserns though. I am not interested in cloud storage. Some of my cameras are closed circuit with no internet access. They CAN’T rexors to the cloud. I periodicly update the firmware ising a mobile hotspot to keep them current. For now I want to record video to my SD cards ONLY. I have no problem paying for cloud storage in the future if the need arises.

Problem #1 is, when I try to select saving video alerts it immediatly sends me to sign up foe CAM Plus, not Lite. No option for saving to SD card only. Oddly the option to back up the outdoor cameras to the base is still present, but only for still images. I can not find an option to save video in any form on an outdoor cam except with a full subscription.

Problem #2 is, after multiple years of saving video to SD only, when updating the firmware the default was changes to still images only, no video of any kind, anywhere. It looks like I can still record video to SD on indoor cams, but I had to go back and manually change it to the setting it had been on for years.

Hopefully I am just missing something and making a fool of myself on an internet forum. I am happy to look like a fool if it helps anybody after me. But for now I made an initial investment in a startup company with an awesome product . . . and the features that I invested in have been removed. Please, please make me look foolish by pointing at the thing I am missing. Use neon signs and fireworks to proclaim my idiocracy to the world . . . or put back the features every customer already paid for. Especially the early adopters. I will have to start seaching for a different brand on Monday if these paper weights continue to work as intended after this major update.

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The Wyze can Outdoor (WCO)? Those do not have a continuous recording settings. The WCO does have scheduled recordings which is not quite the same and it will suck your battery down fast.

I have tried the scheduled recording feature in the past and you are correct, the battery doesnt last as long as the storage on the SD card. That isnt what i am looking for though.
Prior to this update my WCO’s would recors 12 second video events directly to the SD card (backed up to the base). Now the WCO’s will only record one still image. If I select to record video events I am directed to sign up for Cam Plus. There is no option for video recording without paying for cloud storage, even though I do not want it, and some of the cameras have no wifi access to use the cloud.
Think of it like this . . . you buy the Wyze vacume. It works for a couple years and you love it. Then one day they disable its ability to rememner your floorplan unless you pay for camera storage on the cloud. Now you have an expensive useless skateboard unless you pay to for camera storage you habe no need for. Not part of the original agreement when you purchased the hardware.

There is a way to get the free recording a pain in the ass …but go to Account at the bottom. Then to Services…there you can click on LITE …make sure all your cameras are on that list…go out then go to each camera…format your card, then you can go into recording and it should say video jnstead of image…

There is a free video cloud storage option. Here:

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Ok . . . how do I then remove my cameras from Cam Plus Lite? I dont want them connected. Some of them are beyond wifi anyway.

Cam plus lite is free, and theres no reason not to have it enabled. By default, they will take snapshots but by enabling lite they can have person detection and 12 second event videos.

If you want the snapshots back, you can go to Settings > Event Recording > Recording Type in your cameras page.

No reason not to have it . . . except i bought a product that has been stolen from me retroactively by the manufacturer. Not exactly honest, trustworthy business practices.

It wasnt stolen, I explained how you can get it back, if you are having trouble let me know and I can help you resolve the issue.

I completely agree with Iceageg! I currently have 8 Wyze cameras and 10 other wyze devices, and I am very upset that my cameras were not Grandfathered into what I originally purchased as my recording features. They were STOLEN from us!
If I buy a car with windshield wipers, and 2 years later the manufacturer takes those wipers away and says you can have them back after you jump through these hoops…, you would be pissed off too!

It wasnt stolen… Its 100% accessible and exactly the same as what it originally was for completely free. There were dozens of emails, reminders, and banners telling you how to get it back. If you are having trouble getting it back, we can help you.

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Did you view the video posted above (TWICE!) that shows how to resolve your problem?


Welcome to the forums! What are your 8 Wyze cameras? There have been some cloud service changes recently, but those have not affected or changed the local storage options for the cameras. Local storage and cloud storage are two separate functions.

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Not every one has the time or desire to go the Wyze site, or any hardware device vendor’s site for that matter, on a regular basis to check every message and announcement. Some actually just buy a bunch of hardware, set them up, check up on them from time to time, but otherwise forget about them until something seems or looks wrong.

Well, I had a problem at home and opened the Wyze app to see if my recordings will reveal anything. Well, what I saw were … drum roll please … useless pictures! Where were my 12-second video recordings that would have quickly told me what happened while I was away?

It’s a good thing I had SD cards installed on those things. But, gee, scrolling though the timelines for EACH camera was a pain. It would have been better to just collect all the SD cards and run video processing software to show me what went wrong.

Lesson learned.

How is the RTSP on these cameras? Has it improved much or is it still the neglected stepchild? I am tempted to just develop my own motion-detection software … and buy new cameras if necessary.

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The local storage options most certainly have changed, only for the worse. The features that us early adopters with 8+ cameras justified our purchase with were 100% by any definition stolen. I go to my cameras and have zero use . . . unless i create an account i dont want, sign up for a service i dont want (and on several cameras, cant use) . . . only after that do i get the features I already paid for back . . minus the lost days between when they were intentionally removed.

But hey, the local PD and my neighbors who were victimized totally underatand why Wyze did this . . . there ia a video!!! A video that has been posted twice!!! They completely disabled my local storage because it cost them $0.00 of cloud storage . . . that i dont want . . . and cant use.

I was tricked into adding 4 cameras to Cam Plus Lite (by the video) that i cant remove from the unwanted service . . . and another 8 or so cameras that aren’t even heavy enough to be effective paper weights because I DONT WANT AND CAN NOT USE the required Lite service on those cameras. Then the manufarlcturer intentionally destroyed the product i purchased. . . years after the purchase. Certainly wont be buying or suggesting Wyze as a brand to anybody in the near future. Hopefully they will provide an update that [Mod Edit] my paperweights soon.

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I’d you signed up for a service, that is cloud storage, not local storage. Camplus lite, Camplus, are cloud storage services.

Local storage is your SD card storage onboard the cameras.

What account did you create that you didn’t want? Your Wyze account?

If you don’t want camplus lite on them, do you just want the image events then in the event tab? Being an early adopter, then I am assuming that you want the 12 second cloud storage clips? You can still have those (and for free), but with the recent cloud storage changes you need to opt into camplus lite then choose the $0, unless you want to choose a different amount.

How can you not use these? Can you explain the problem? What cameras are you trying to work with? What firmware version is on the cameras? What app version are you using? Have you contacted support about your issues? If so, what did they say?

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