What was free, now i have to pay for. No video with SD card

I only have camv2. In the beginimg i got video when sd card inserted. I cant get video with SD now.

Do you have Cam Plus Lite? You can get cloud videos, SD card recording and payment is optional.

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Also, I’m betting you were never looking at the SD card videos - those continue to work as normal and are found under View Playback, NOT (not directly) under the Events tab.


Yes, that’s life. What was free is now, not. Just like drug dealers. They give you samples to hook you and then charge you.

Unless, you invest a little time and read some of the history on this forum. Read some of the instructions from the company and learn what changes have occurred over the past couple of years. You might be rewarded for your efforts. But sometimes those people drive by and dump bad vibes on the rest of us and don’t put any effort into catching up didn’t earn help. But what do I know? What I said, may or may not apply to cameras, or drugs or life. Maybe - maybe no.

Is anyone keeping score how often we must explain this to some people?

Don’t get me started…


I look at it like this. I have 3 choices. Part of the problem, part of the solution, or silent spectator.

The value of knowledge and experience is not in gaining it. Only when sharing it is the intrinsic value realized.


I JUST LOVE THIS, Don’t you?

Well, we know which of those three I am not.

And often not appreciated

Can’t get enough of it. It’s worst than beating a dead horse :rofl:

Made an edit for you. Thanks for pointing out the extrinsic motivation.

I do believe that your intentions are genuinely geared toward helping others

Thank you StevenA. The rest of you…join a circus.

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Lack of gratitude detected. The company sent multiple alerts about this change, sent repeated e-mail to all customers, and created videos and official forum posts. Volunteers on this forum spent MANY hours re-explaining it. (I linked you to just one of the threads above.)

Also, they didn’t (arguably) take away anything in that the Lite tier can still be free and they actually added person detection where there was none before (for all V2 and V3 cameras).

You missed all that. It’s understandable. Not everyone reads company spam or haunts a forum when their gear is silently working just fine.

But you asked the old question and everyone has tried to help you with links and context. You are welcome.

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We should start asking the OPs to create a screen recording of their experience, cuz their explanations are ambiguous or confusing. Sometimes, they only say something like “it’s not working!”.

After all, this whole thing is about videos… so, how bout they show us with a video default_camera

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Crystal, about a year ago Wyze went thru a serious post-Covid gut check moment and made some major changes to their subscription platforms to cut rising costs of cloud storage space. In doing this, some customers were reduced from their free 12s videos to thumbnails only for cloud based Event Videos. This is when they introduced CamPlus Lite so that those customers could get their 12s videos back and also pay for their storage of those videos if they wanted to. CamPlus Lite is a “name your own price” plan and can be free if you need it to be.

None of the subscription plans require or is dependant on your microSD card status. Cloud Event Video in the Events Tab is completely separate from microSD Card Playback Video and is accessed and controlled thru different settings. You would most likely benefit from a High Endurance microSD Card in your cam so that you have access to 24\7 locally stored full length continuous HD video that the cam records. I have 256GB Cards in all my cams and I have CamPlus on all of them as well.

Here are the basics of the Cloud based Event Video subscription tiers Wyze rolled out early last year:

No Subscription: Thumbnail Snapshot only, 5m Cooldown between uploads, no AI.

CamPlus Lite: 12s Video, 5m Cooldown between uploads, Person Detection AI. (NOTE: This is a “Legacy” plan now. It is ONLY available for cams released prior to the V3Pro. It is NOT available on the V3Pro, PanV3, or OG Cams. The doorbells have always been incompatible.)

CamPlus: Full Length Event Video, Back to Back recordings, full AI detection.

Hope this helps!


Thank you SlabSlayer. Your insiteful explanation was very helpful in understanding what happened. I appreciate your educational attitude.

I searched and searched to no avail. I must not have searched properly. Thank you so much.

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No worries. With the tens of thousands of posts here, searching for exactly what you need isn’t always easy and usually takes some “had to be there” to know where to look.

Below are just a couple of the threads that were from that time and have a lot of interaction on the topic. If you look at the bottom of the initial post in the thread, you will see a list of links. These are all other threads that have linked directly to the topic you are reading. For the first link topic below, there are over 30 threads linked, including this one. Following these links will allow you to read topics and posts on what is likely a similar subject. It can be very easy to fall down the rabbit hole when starting to read up on a topic. Those links look like this:

Oh Wow. Thank you so much.

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Again, I provided that first link as the second reply in this thread. Glad you’re taking the time to digest it now.

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I am. I got 2 of my 11 cameras up to speed and recording with the SD. I can thank you enough.