Service options

So I ignored my account for about a year, went to check it out again noticed there’s nothing on my app. Looks like there’s no more free service? Is that correct? What now is the most simple service? I only need to check my cameras/video from my phone. Thanks.

It’s still free to use Wyze cams just to check the live stream from your phone or to get a notification with a thumbnail up to once every 5 minutes. You don’t have to do anything for that.

You can also use an SD card to record videos and events and review them all locally on the camera.

If you still want the 12-second cloud video events for free, you can sign up for Cam Plus Lite and choose to pay $0 and you’ll have everything the way it’s always been PLUS free person detection alerts if you want them now. You can sign up for it here:


Ok thanks, yea, that’s exactly what I used to be able to do, and want. Maybe something just went wrong over the last year and I need to redownload the app or something because right now nothing seems to work anymore. Maybe I’ll try the cam plus lite download since I’m gonna redownload anyway. Thanks again.

To clarify, Cam Plus Lite isn’t something to download, it’s just something you sign up for, like a subscription, except you can choose to pay $0 for it so that it is free. You would still use your cameras and everything through the normal Wyze App just like before. So you’d sign up for Cam Plus Lite in a browser first (ie: go to and click on subscribe to cam plus lite), then go into the Wyze app and click on Account, then services then Cam Plus Lite and add your cameras to it (assuming your cameras are already activated and setup). Then you can go into your camera settings and change things to work however you want them. :slight_smile:

I recommend making sure you go into event recording settings and making sure it’s turned on to record an event when it detects motion, and maybe turning on Person detection as a smart detection, and check the notifications to make sure they’re set how you want too.