How to turn on Cam Plus Lite

I’m trying to make sure my “cam plus lite” is turned on, on all my cameras. The website says to go services in the app, and I tried that. The app says it has to be done from the website. I’m going around in circles!!! Yes, my app on my android phone is up to date. So how do I fix this??? How do I see which camera’s are already on the plan? I’m a “legacy”

Have you tried logging/signing out of the app and then back in? I don’t mean simply closing the app from the screen. Sign Out.

To start, go to the Accounts Tab and see if you have Cam Plus Lite in list just under services. If you do, click on it and click through the popup and see if you have camera’s listed with the toggle Green. Those are the ones which are active. If you see the Camera’s without the toggle, try to toggle them on and see if they stick. If they simply switch back off, that may imply that the service has not been added. Simply go to your account from a web browser and add the Cam Plus Service and select the amount you would like to pay, $0 is acceptable as well.

Here are my two screens:

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my screens are different. When I click on “Services” , the 4 services available are across the top, when I scroll over to Cam Plus Lite, it lists my camera’s but no toggle.and I am currently paying as a Legacy. It says "Name your price-Monthly…then a “manage” button. When I click that it says "Cam plus lite can’t be managed in the Wyze app. Visit the website to manage your subscription.

Can you post your screen shots so I, and others, can see what you are?

I get the same thing:

I see “Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy)”. I cannot switch it on - it always pops back to the off position; this is for my Cam Pan v.1. (I also have a Cam v.3 and have paid for one annual Cam Plus for it; this one is working fine.)
I have had a number of service tickets for this problem. Twice Wyze support has claimed to have added “Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy)” to my account. One time I thought I had added it with a cost of $0. No matter, Still I cannot activate it.
Finally the support team gave up and issued me a $5 “gift” credit. They should have given me $15 so that I could simply buy another Cam Plus subscription.
I have logged out, cleared app cache, it is no help. Maybe I should delete the Wyze app and re-install?
Does anyone have any idea what I can do?

What do you get when you click on Manage? I will reach out to other Mavens and verify what they see. Can you also provide the Wyze iPhone App Version you are using?

Ok, I did not realize you were on iOS. I corresponded with @R.Good and he had the same as you. I was then able to locate what you are seeing.

However, if you go to the Account Screen and then click on “Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy)”. after that you should see the list of Camera’s with the toggle. The following screen was from my iOS device

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The same as what Karen said, it says "Cam plus lite can’t be managed in the Wyze app. Visit the website to manage your subscription.

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I see that also now since the last update I did.

Here are the screens I get. First for the service:

Then from the legacy person detection configuration screen:

Yes, iOS, but mine shows none of that under services:

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I just updated to the latest Beta and now it no longer shows on mine either. I go into Services, scroll to Cam Plus Lite (as you indicated), and then I see the Camera’s. I can add a camera to the mix but Manage does nothing.

I believe, if you see the Camera in the list, then it is using Cam Plus Lite. however, if you don’t you can click on Add Camera and then add the additional Camera’s. Once your Camera’s are added, then you do the rest within the Camera Settings page.

Seeing the same, my options disappeared. Mine are signed up, but sometimes a camera stops tagging for me. Turning off and back in helps sometimes.

I have a camera that was on Cam Plus, now that I canceled Cam Plus on the Camera, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use CamPlus Lite on the camera I have a few cameras that use Cam Plus and a few with Cam Plus lite and they all seem to work as advertised, but I can’t add the new camera to Cam Plus Lite. the app does give me the option to resubscribe to Cam Plus or image storage.

I’m starting to think even if you have already subscribed to Cam Plus Lite, any new camera going forward will not be automatically added to CamPlus Lite. I guess I should have read the fine print because my camera was activated and being used with Cam Plus months before the cut-off date. Can someone confirm my suspicion?

I just removed one of my CP CamV3s from my CP subscriptions thru Accounts>Services>CamPlus and changing that cam from Green Checkmarked to unassigned. then went over to the CPL list on the far right and added that cam to the CPL.

However PD DID NOT work on that cam. Verified settings and tested it with an extended walk-around up to and away from the cam.

Went back to the app and added the V3 back to an open CP subscription which immediately removed it from the CPL list.

Verified PD with Notifications sill on… Still no PD.

Reviewed the SD footage, Green tracking box the whole time.

Going to try @Megamind’s storage and cache dump and see if that fixes it.

In my case, I can see my CPL list but there’s no way for me to change (add or delete) my CPL list. I can still change my CP list but if I unassign a CP camera there’s no way to add it to my CPL list. Thank you for testing and reporting your findings. BTW, my app version is 2.28.1 (109) for Android.

Yes, I see your dilemma. I was having exactly the same issue in testing and I have the most up to date app on Android

I am pretty sure the update from your current version, was to handle the introduction of CPL. It might make a difference to adding to CPL.

I was getting the same results as you testing it several times with cams open for assignment but no way to add to CPL:

Then I went to the webpage under my account and clicked on the add a subscription button on the manage my services page. I tried to do it several times using the EDIT link by the CPL but all failed.

I was able to get a positive confirmation that I added a CPL subscription. I entered $0. It did give me the are you sure you don’t want to give us more $$ popup, But answering NO works. You should see the confirmation at the top of the page.

With that new CPL subscription on the books, it took a minute for it to migrate servers and to show up in CPL in the app, but eventually the plus sign showed up in CPL for me to add the second cam.

I’m still waiting for the app rollout of the newest app. I even tried to manually download from the Play store but the newest version is not available to me yet. I assume I’ll eventually get it and try again. I did try to re-add the service from the website last night but I still don’t see the camera available on the CPL list. Thank you for taking the time to help me.