Cam plus lite error?

I signed up for CAM Plus lite but when I go to my wyze app… (account then services then I scroll to the right where it says cam plus lite) it claims that I do not have CPL and doesn’t give me the option to choose the cameras

Same thing here.
CAM plus lite is not listed in the app. It tries to sell me CAM plus pro.
It was provided free when I bought the camera and it is useful.
So- I decided to pay monthly – used pay pal and was charged.
However – the transaction does not show up in my Wyze account.
So Now What???

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Just throwing this out to see what sticks, but do you guys have v3 cameras and use the Android app?

I have one outdoor and six v2s and one V3. I use it through my Android

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Try this link out. Found it in the forum. Cam plus lite is at the bottom. You will have to log in


Hey y’all. Check out the post below. Word on the forum is that getting the CamPlus Lite only works on mobile browser, not web. To get for free, try this process:

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This is getting so tiring. All these confused customers and Wyze has not really made things any easier. :frowning:

Slowly Grasshopper… Slowly we will recover… we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make it better than it was before. Better… stronger… faster.

Oscar Goldman Caine?

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thought provoking… Yes? :thinking: