Cam Plus Lite subscription 'Active Jul 20, 2034'?! / Won't add CPL to cameras

Recently had all my Cam Plus Lite cameras randomly kick themselves off CPL, tried absolutely everything mentioned in the forums and they will not add back to CPL. Just noticed my CPL says it’s ‘Active Jul 20, 2034’ and my paid Cam Plus I have for 1 camera says it’s Dec 05, 2024, the date I re-subbed. Does this mean CPL won’t subscribe until 2034, it’s good until 2034, could that be the issue?

**Using the app to add cameras to CPL, I select all my compatible cameras, click continue, it says loading and goes back to CPL menu, yet none are added…

Getting really sick of Wyze, nothing but a hassle and forcing me towards paying for Cam Plus.

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Okay…me too.
@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeMatt ???


Have you tried using the web interface on

Not since I saw the date on the service screen. What gives with that?

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No option to manage cameras on CamPlus Lite. Can only cancel your subscription on the website.

Yes, CPL option doesn’t even show up, I’ve tried everything the forums have suggested.

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I have the same issue with my cam plus lite and haven’t received a resolution


Same problem here. In the android app under my Cam Plus Lite → Manage Camera, I can see all four cameras, but nothing happens after I check them and hit Continue. :frowning:

Found a solution:

That worked. Thanks!

It seems like that should work but I guess I don’t know exactly how to do that. Do you have to install the APK download first then install the older version of Wyze?

The APK in the link installs the older version of the wyze app directly. I just downloaded it to my phone and installed it.

Ok, thanks very much I got it and things are back to the way they should be.

Thanks a bunch

I’m using iOS, that sounds and looks fun to do… I’ll just wait and hope Wyze gets their $#!t together, definitely not holding my breath.