Cam Plus lite non functional

Cam Plus lite was offered about a week ago and when I go to the screen where you turn on or off the light service, there’s no way to enable the service. Is the rollout slow or what am I missing? If I move a toggle on that screen it snaps right back to the left.

I just pulled a couple of mine out of cam plus to see if I could assign them to the plus lite license and was able to do so.

Are you on the latest production version of the app?

You could also try clearing the app cache, logging out of the Wyze app and logging back in to see if a refresh of the app helps.

Are you subscribed to Cam Plus lite?

You have to log in your account at the top right


Interesting. This had me curious. Would Cam Plus lite show up in your app if not enrolled?

My assumption was that it would not. My assumption was wrong,

I have secondary account that I test with so I loaded that up to check.

The services DO show on the app for an account that is not enrolled.

And you do get a toggle screen

The interesting part was that, If you click on the toggle and the Account is not enrolled you are presented with a message and a link to enroll.

And now I know, and we know what knowing is



My intuition apparently failed me. I would not normally anticipate having to use a web browser on a computer to formally enroll for what appeared to me to be a free rollout of the Cam Plus Lite service.

Now I see how to sign up for the service (don’t use the phone app). Oncologists tell me I’ll be dead in a few months so I guess I’ll refrain from subscribing to stuff that would only confuse my wife after I’m gone.

I’ve had a cam plus account for 14 months on one camera but the Lite version isn’t ready yet for my other 4 cams yet which is Ok with me. Raccoons and Possums are not people :upside_down_face:

01/23/2022- So what does “Rolling out Slowly” mean, Next year? . The announcement said if you already have a cam plus account CP Lite will be automatic. :thinking: Petronella Possum thinks she is a person. Mine still is not working.

@oldgeek @Antonius

If you were part of the free rollout (Person Detection Legacy or Cam Plus members) it should have been automatically added to your account by Thursday. If this somehow didn’t work, you can manually sign up here:

Note: There’s a redirection bug that we’re working on if you use 2FA login. You may have to click the link, sign in, then come back and click the link one more time. :slight_smile:

CP Lite shows up on the app in my account but it still show this and the toggles will not turn on. I just went to my account on the web site and subscribed that way. I’ll wait and see if it works. I don’t care about person protection but i need my 12 second cloud clips…
***** Now that I subscribed on the web site it is working.