Do I have Cam+Lite or not

Email offers help to help me setup Cam+Lite … app says I don’t have it.

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Welcome to the forum @gspkr.

This video should show (and tell) you everything you need to know. If not, let the community know what other challenges you may have.


Textual version on the Wyze website:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started

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I have the same issue. I try to assign Cam+ Lite to a camera, but following the instruction, the option for Cam+ Lite does not show. When I check under services, it says I’m not subscribed. I went to where you subscribe, and it says I already am!

I tried to report it as an issue, but the bloody popup box that only sends you in another circle pops up again after closing it and ticking on “Contact Us.” How are we supposed to contact you when the damned button doesn’t work??

Possibly using two different email accounts: one for app, one for web?

Ding ding ding, you are the winner!

I went through some troubleshooting with a live agent and we found that I had used different email addresses between my cams/app and the web site. It was because (and I can’t remember why) I had to use a different email address to purchase my cameras. It probably was a payment issue. Fixed now!

Was that before or after my suggestion?


Before :yum:
I was in another discussion and in queue for live help, and between the two, i had enough distraction to make me stop and think. The chat rep asked for my email address used with my account and, while I was logging back in to the app, I noticed I had used two email addresses. What a mess!

At least you got an answer and presumably got the problem fixed.