Cam v3 without Cam Plus Lite will get thumbnails only? That's ridiculous!

Just got an email saying “any Wyze Cams without Cam Plus Lite or Cam Plus will start saving thumbnails instead of videos.” That’s ridiculous! I purchased video cameras, but I get thumbnails? I do have Cam Plus Pro but not on every cam. I don’t think it’s good to force users to enable something which should be provided by default.


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You can sign-up for Cam Plus Lite at the Name your Price option, including $0. if you do this, you will still get what you have today. 12 second Cloud Recordings, 5 minute cool down, and Person Notification as well (This is the enhancement you did not get originally).


If you have Cam Plus Pro, you should probably automatically have had Cam Plus Lite enrolled onto your account for $0. Just go to the account tab, and under “Services” you should see Cam Plus Lite there. Select that and make sure all your other cameras are selected to receive it.

If you don’t see Cam Plus Lite you may enroll at any price you want, but it should’ve been automatically added for you since you have Cam Plus Pro on one of your cams.

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Guys this is only the beginning of the deluge after the Great Thumbnail Disconnect of '22. We also have someone who thought the Lite E-mail warnings were about selling new hardware. :frowning:


Unreal. This is why I’m phasing wyze out. Worked fine for years, as they sucker you in with cheap cameras, then decide to change to a subscription service to get more bucks. Half my cameras are already converted to a better quality Non-subscription cameras!!!


Care to share the brand?

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The service is free if you want it to be free. Or you can support Wyze if you want to. This new window allows V3 owners to get in on free person detection, and also V2 users who missed out on the initial legacy person detection offer. So what exactly is the downside here?

Always ready to investigate other sources for cost effectiveness tho, so please post. :slight_smile:


TP-Link Kasa 2k.

Lately, I was having WiFi connection issues… only on 2 of 6 cams + they replaced an outdoor outlet for free. I believe cheap mfg from China (of course).!

I replaced my WiFi router, to handle more devices, but now 2 cams doesn’t like it 5 & 15feet away and always try’s to reconnect! And my outdoor outlet 20’ away doesn’t like either, but they replaced that one.

Now with subscriptions…. I am looking to replace my light bulbs before they start charging me to turn them on/off!!!

How do you like the Kasa? Feature set looks good. How fast does it deliver person alerts without a subscription? According to a magazine review one limitation is:

If you’re using a microSD card, tap the 24/7 Recording icon to view a timeline of recorded events. Tap any thumbnail to view the clip, but keep in mind that you need a subscription to download and share any captured video from within the app.


I’m still a little confused. I just recently signed up for Cam Plus and under the account tab / services, I only see two licenses which I assigned to my two Cam v3 cameras. I don’t see where I can subscribe to Cam Plus lite, or if it’s even needed now? I’m assuming I’m still getting the 12 second cloud recordings even though I didn’t see the Cam Lite option?


It should be one of the tabs under services:


Thanks Wildbill, Found it!

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Excellent! Quality is awesome at 2k, even tho a bit pricier…. Instant notification, 256gb sd has me 1/2 full so far for 2 weeks. No, can’t DL video, but can always watch & screen shot for great details (inc. license plate)

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Newshound, I have cam plus lite and I can only click image not video.

So, it costs $19.99 PER CAMERA for Cam Plus? And I have Cam Plus Lite and I can’t get 12 second videos. Are you sure that I should?

And it costs $20 per camera per year?

If you have cam plus lite and are not get getting the videos, it sounds like it might be a bug. Have you tried going to your camera settings then going to event recording and try changing the recording type?

You can select Custom Amount and enter $0 as your amount.

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But it still won’t let me choose video, only image.

Hmm, thanks for the response. The only way that would be a truly major drawback is if the SD contents are also encrypted and you could not retrieve video even after pulling the card out for review. Any idea if the contents are directly readable?