Wyze V3 Pro does NOT allow Cam Plus Lite

I cannot believe for double the price of the V3 camera that you cannot use cam plus lite on the V3 pro. This is absurd.

That is reportedly true. They are positioning the new local “edge” AI and traditional local SD card recording as the alternative.

It’s a pity, especially for those who are contributing large voluntary amounts to their Lite plans. But it’s their business and the cloud storage costs money. (Also, the increased resolution on the Pro would incur higher costs.)

The pro so far has been even worse than my lemon V3. Still getting phantom noises and now the video does not even play on the live stream. I find the wifi card inside the camera is probably even worse. Even using standard definition (which defeats the whole purpose of using the camera) is still glitchy. Lastly, even though AI detection is “on camera” now, it is actually even worse than the regular V3. The smart alerts in settings are not changing the camera from alerting me every two seconds when there is motion. I have the notifications on for people, yet I still receive a “complete motion detected” notification from the Pro every few seconds. Not happy at all.