Disappointed in new V3 OG cam

I recently purchased a new Wyze Cam OG. The clarity is fantastic and it starts up almost instantly BUT what really upsets me is you can’t even get a 12 second video on a motion event. I called customer service and was told they don’t have the Cam Plus Lite on this camera. If you want longer than nothing at all you need to purchase the Cam Plus. I asked why there’s NOTHING at all anywhere relating to this before you purchase it she told me they didn’t put anything up yet. I told her they had MAJOR issues and it’s only common sense thinking to put it in the area where you purchase things. She told me yes we know we have issues. REALLY? I then told her if they don’t have common sense what kind of intelligence do they have? Needless to say I’m pissed. It appears to me they do this intentionally just to make $$$$ to get you to purchase cam plus. I used to tell people and my neighbors how great these cams are. Well needless to say I won’t be doing that anymore. I’m thinking of returning it.


Actually that information is on the website and all over this forum. LOTS of discussion about C+L not being available for any of the newer model cameras.


We just added 4 of the new OG cam to our cam + unlimited, no issues a big improvements over the v2 v3


If you put in an SD card you can always go back to the time of the event and watch the playback.


I use the Micro card in all my cameras and that not my issue as I often use the micro card to view things. I’ve even stopped some of the viewing and took photos of suspicious people/vehicles in our area. I’m looking over the forum and don’t see it yet where it says this. It’s definitely not on the website as that’s where I ordered it from. The only thing I didn’t do was watch the video showing the 2 men but I doubt they mentioned it on there.

I agree this is somewhat deceptive marketing. I happened to have bought a couple of floodlights a few months ago and back then there was the Cam Plus Lite page to check for compatible devices. At that time I could easily confirm the V3s that came with my floodlights would work with Cam Plus Lite.

But now the Wyze homepage doesn’t even have a direct link to Cam Plus Lite anymore (as far as I can tell). You can still find it on Google though, and see it here: Cam Plus Lite – Wyze

I am under the impression that Cam Plus LIte is really for those of us who opted in for Person Detection when it first came out. I guess times have changed and they don’t want to keep offering this for free to new customers and people who buy new cameras.

If it makes you feel any better, my sister bought a cheap security camera years ago with free service and all. Well that company has since gone bankrupt and she now has a brick. I agree Wyze has a lot of problems but there’s enough going for it that I would prefer them to stay in business, even if it means I need to pay for subscriptions.

For what it’s worth the “OG” page does link to this comparison chart page that indicates Lite compatibility under “Supported Services”. But you would have had to be pretty diligent to notice it unless you knew to look.

Back in the earliest days, all they basically offered was what is now called Cam Plus Lite. 12 second videos with a 5 min cooldown were insufficient for me, and, for most use cases, I imagine.

I’d suggest buying “high endurance” microSDs cards and recording continuously. Also, purchase CAMPlus too. I realize that will cost some coin leaving

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Curious if you tried webview with the OG yet. None of my V3 Pro’s will work, but V3’s work fine.

I answered the question in the launch thread

It also is all over elsewhere and has been on our support site for quite awhile.

The last few cameras have not been able to use Cam Plus Lite, starting with the Wyze Cam v3 Pro I believe.

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Well you can do what we did i have 6 cheap tablets and have them hooked up to 2 wifi plugs,not Wyze and 1 camera on each and mounted on the wall very cool and no issues

I installed SD card for my OG cam, but still I cannot view the events recorded on the SD card. disappointing!!!

No, my latest cam is an old V3

Plz record a “screen recording” of you trying to view the “events recorded on the SD card”. Then, post the screen recording video here.

On my v3s with card in and also set to continues record i go to my play back and like magic its all there

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Well i just tryed my new og cam and the playback works the same as the other cams do

Thanks, I hadn’t seen that page. :slight_smile:

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Its on your app when you go to services been there a very long time

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Can you clarify what you are doing here? What is a “wifi plug?” What do you have mounted on the wall? What is it that your are accomplishing here? Thanks.

Wifi plug so you can power cycle the camera, we have a few hot spots with people who have sticky fingers most places are remote sites

Sorry, still don’t get you. You mean you have the camera plugged into power? I’m not understanding what wifi has to do with the power. You’re just using standard power blocks, right?

Where do the tablets come in here? Are you streaming the Wyze video to the tablets? So you have the tablets plugged into power, too?