Why can I view 12 Seconds of Video on V2 & V3 Cams, BUT NOT WyzeCam OG Cams

Why can I view 12 Seconds of Video on V1, V2 V3 Cams,

This is under CamPlus Lite

If I knew this beforehand
I would have never purchased WyzeCam OG cams

Also doesn’t seem fair, More limited features with WyzeCam OG cams unless you pay a monthly subscription. Where as V2 & v3 Cams, one can still view the 12 sec of video.

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Cam Plus Lite works just fine on the V3 camera. Are you sure you added the V3 to CPL? You can check on the app> go to account> services and check the Cam plus lite section on the top and see if the V3 is listed.

Also, just clarify you have regular v3 cameras not a v3 Pro? I have all regular v3 cameras because the Pro is not compatible with Cam Plus Lite.

Hi, Thank you for the quick reply.
I have made a mistake in my post

The Cam is WyzeCan OG does not allow 12 sec of video recording like the V3 ior V2 do under CamPlus Lite

I had just corrected my post.
Thank you !

Can you return the OG for a regular v3? Check out the cam plus light compatible cameras list in the middle of this link. Since I want to stick with Cam plus light, I always make my Wyze purchases off of this list.

Sadly it is too late to return the WyzeCam OG.
I previously had All my V2’s, V3’s and most recent 2 WyzeCam OG’s all fully working with the CamPlus Unlimited package, and just recently switched to the Cam Plus Lite…after the CamPlus Unlimited 1 yr term expired, and I did not renew. So I found out this way, that the OG models don’t work with CamPlus Lite, I can view live video, and ONLY Picture events that are logged No recorded video events (No 12 sec clips)… NUTS!

Can’t you just put a SD card in the camera to record either events or continuous then when you get a picture event on the events page tap that to view the recorded video? I do not have an OG cam but I think that would work?

The camera records locally, has a SD Card in it.
Its an issue of the app/services offered with OG ( or not offered), It’s not an issue with the camera or my setup.

I appreciate the feedback/input

No Support for WyzeCam OG
on Cam Plus Lite


Unfortunately, as you have already learned, Wyze made the decision to stop offering Cam Plus Lite on all new model cams.

The V3Pro, the PanV3, and the OG Cams (as well as the previous doorbells) are not able to be assigned to Cam Plus Lite.

I can only speculate that this is a prelude to making Cam Plus Lite a legacy subscription that will whither and die along with the EOL of the eligible cams on which it works. While it was well intended when Wyze offered it as an alternative for those on legacy plans prior to the Subscription Tier Reorganization last year, I honestly believe it is costing them more in server storage than they are collecting in revenue from it since a vast majority of users select the free option.

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Here is a great video from Wyze when they introduced Cam Plus Lite (in early 2022). It should give you insight into their way of thinking and financial strategy.


Applicable wishlist…

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Thank you all for all the information you have provided.

Overall, I thinking maybe Wyze can allow Wyzecam users & cam’s post to existing Cloud Storage servers/ services may people already have ( example Google, Migrosoft etc…

TinyCam app offers this ability .

This way users, would not have to pay for multiple cloud storage services, and also use what they already have.

just a thought


The longshot hope is that the Wyze Mesh Router Pro USB Port can be configured to allow for remote accessible NAS and that the cams can store events there to be accessed from the app.

How cool would that be?

That sounds like to good option, but it also means paying $200.
Economically that is more expensive that say someone paying for a few camerage a month, or using their existing Cloud Storage many people have already.

Many home routers people have usually provide the USB option for external storage. I have a NetGear that allows USB storage to the router…

The industry should standardize it with all routers

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I was unaware when I purchased 2 OG cameras they would only show events if I purchased Cam Plus @ 2bucks a month each. Bummer. Had I known this I would have bought the V2’s instead. I currently have 3 V2’s since day 1 that work perfectly. So for all practical purposed this old guy is not going to pay more and therefore the OG’s are useless other than for live viewing. Don’t know why we can’t get the free Cam Lite (12 second event view) for the OG. NOT HAPPY WYZE :angry:

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Totally agree with you!
12 Sec Limit has always been, when not signing up for the CamPlus,. and then the “Limitation unless we pay” has been limited EVEN more on the OG — to just a snapped picture. no video at all.

No happy either!

The marketing for the new cameras is misleading. There is small print on the Wyze Battery Cam Pro box that states Cam Plus subscription (not Cam Plus Lite) required and local storage available. I made the wrong assumption that if the camera had a sd card that I would receive the 12 seconds of video and not a thumbnail. Also, I did not receive any notifications from Wyze that the Cam Plus Lite service is no longer offered for their new cameras. I may have made a different decision on improving my security camera setup. I hope they offer some type of relief for long term customers when they decide to completely eliminate the Cam Plus Lite.

So now that they discontinued Cam Plus Lite and my Video Doorbell will not connect to current home doorbell I got a totally useless piece of equipment. All it does is record to SD card and I have to manually go look for what it notified me of as an event. All they give is a pic. This is ridiculous, this wasn’t cheap. Too late to return. Will prob put other doorbell back up that has a working chime and CPL that is grandfathered. Up until now I was happy with all my Wyze cameras and was going to add more but not if I have to subscribe for every one. Way to loose customers Wyze. Go build that brand new house. Not gonna see another dime from me to help pay for it.

Two different things; the event pic is coming from the cloud storage. If you have an SD card and it’s configured to record, it records video and not pics. You should be able to view the SD card footage.

I don’t have a video doorbell but from the event tab, there should be a “Playback” button; that plays the SD card footage.