No Cam Plus Lite with V4? [Mod Edit]

I bought 3 V4’s thinking they are an upgrade from the four V3’s that I own. I was SHOCKED to discover that CAM Plus Lite is NOT available for this version! [Mod Edit]? This is definitely a downgrade from V3. CAM Plus Lite is the BEST thing Wyze has and now they want your $$$ instead of offering this service which is included with V3. HORRIBLE Marketing decision. Just a money grab. There’s no reason to go with Wyze any longer.
There is no discernable difference in the picture quality between this and V3 cams that I have. Not really happy with this new version.
Returning my V4’s.

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You were shocked only because you made an assumption. No where on the V4 (or V3 Pro, or Pan V3) web page is there any indication that CamPlus lite is available, and on the CamPlus Lite web page is specifically lists the only cameras that CamPlus Lite is available for. CamPlus Lite has not been available for any of the new camera models for the past several years.

CamPlus lite was a way to return a feature that had been standard with the early cameras when that feature was otherwise taken away - that being 12 second cloud videos with a 5 minute cooldown. There was no way that Wyze could financially support the vast amount of cloud storage as no user cost. So that capability was turned off. However since original customers had bought the early cameras with that 12 second video capability, an option was created to restore that capability for those early camera models. That option was CamPlus lite with a name your price with the option to pay zero for the service. In other words, fully restoring the 12 second video for the customers that had previously bought cameras that has the 12 second capability. There was never any promise or expectation that CamPlus lite would ever be available for newer camera models.


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