What happen to free recording?

I was forced to sign up for CamPlus Lite. The firmware updated COMPLETELY disabled my cameras limiting them to only sill image events unless I signed up for CamPlus Lite, The free service that defaults to $2.00 per month because cloud storage is expensive. I was able to set it to $0.00 but I still don’t want and in several cases can not use cloud storage. I have no use for CamPlus Lite. Local storage on the SD card was disabled by default without warning by the firmware after working reliably for years.

The account I was forced to create was CamPlus Lite. Again, no use for it.

I want the 12 second storage clips back that were always stored on the SD card prior to the update. I have a mix of indoor V2 cams and outdoor cams. I never had 12 second cloud storage clips for free or otherwise. I had a number of cameras that were outside of wifi service and they recorded everything just fine, and played it back just fine prior to all this. Exactly the same as the ones close enough to be on wifi which were never signed up for cloud storage. All local to the SD only, fully featured for years. I have not contacted support directly yet. I went to the forums first.

The only 12sec clips to SD card were on the WCO when you had the backup to SD card enabled. That function saved the 12 sec clips to the SD card in the WCOs base station, and you’d have to remove the card from the base and place it in a computer to see the files. The v2s local storage (and the v3, and the two pans) save footage to their onboard SD card in one minute increments. Any clips that are 12 seconds are proboly cloud saved events. Anything in your “event” section of the app is a cloud saved event.

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