Still NO record capability

Wyze continues to block any recording capability to my Wyze Cam V1 because I’m not paying for a subscription. Pathetic

I’m not sure what you’re specifically talking about or experiencing, but:

  • Wyze allows you to record to an SD card for free.
  • They also allow you to get Cam Plus Lite with the V1 cams for free cloud uploads (12 second event videos as often as once every 5 minutes, including person detection…FREE).
  • They also allow you to use third-party solutions to get RTSP streams and record locally to an NAS.
  • You can also record manually through the app while viewing the live stream.

There are TONS of free options to record without paying for anything. None of those require a subscription. Many of those are things competitors charge subscriptions for (even being able to view the live stream at all), but Wyze offers free…

What in particular are you having trouble with?