Cams won't record but will live stream

Two of my v2 cams won’t record to the cloud. So I put an SD card in one, but it won’t record to that either, even though it does recognize the card.
Another cam has been recording to the cloud which I can view regularly. Now it says, “Nothing to see here Once you connect a camera, you’ll be able to find events here” It is livestreaming though. It did this once before, and a few minutes later everything was there for the last 2 weeks. Now there’s nothing.

Have you made sure that you don’t have any filters in the events tab?
Also try:
Power cycling

Factory reset

Have you tried formatting the card?

Mone started to stop saving clips a few hours ago. I did join CMC yesterday, then adjusted my detection settings to be more sensitive. Just before the clips stopped saving I was seeing pop up messages but forget what they were saying. I do know that just before then several clips took a long time before I could view them.

If you have an Android, you should try rolling back the firmware.This has happend to me a few times. With this most recent Beta update the same issue occured. Go to settings/device info and select are you having problems. I rolled back to version .111 and everything is back to normal.

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I restarted the Cam V2, it is fine since then

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